Friday, October 17, 2008

Japanese Food

I always love Japanese food, if someone were to ask me which Asian cuisine would be my favourite, being an Asian myself, I love all Asian food, but hands down to the Japanese cuisine.

You know why?

According to Wikipedia:"Japanese cuisine is known for its emphasis on seasonality of food, quality of ingredients and presentation." I personally love it so much because it is so simple yet so tasty, instead of having tons of spices working around your taste buds, Japanese food just let the good quality of ingredient speak for themselves. And it is very healthy too!

My dad is always a big fans of Japanese food, so every now and then whenever we are to celebrate a special occasion, we would go for Japanese food.

Of course, good food doesn't come cheap, Japanese food in foreign country always known as exotic food, in which you will have to pay more to enjoy.

However, being a versatile cuisine it is, it's ranges from takeway bento boxes to Japanese fine dining. Here in Perth, there are a lot of takeaway shop sells Japanese food, ie. Chicken Katsu box, Teriyaki Chicken box, Tempura, sushi rolls.....

I haven't tried all the Japanese food around Perth yet, but some good one in Perth city is worth a try and good for bucks too!

I believe everyone sorta know Jaws sushi in the city, the one in Hay St Mall, selling big range of fresh sushi, love that place as it has sushi train, u get to pick up whatever dish you like, my favourite would be the ghunkan sushi with tempura prawn tossed in chilli and garlic sauce, hmmm yummm~~

If anyone is interested in a more solid meal and cheaper for buck, Taka's is the place to go to when you are in Perth city, you gotta be early as they are very crowded, lotsa choice to choose from, tasty meal but the portion size is not that big though!

Recently, me and my mate is on Japanese food brawl, we finally tried out Yuki Japanese Restaurant in Willetton, because we heard lotsa good review about this place and DAMN, there were good. Service was lovely, food was fresh and tasty, value for money, even the green tea was among the best i've tried and they have the Mixed Tempura i've ever have.
This was the meal i had - Fish Teriyaki Bento Box C, consists of rice, miso soup, salad, 3 pieces of sushi rolls, 3 pieces of gyoza and more than 5 pieces of mixed tempura (was missing in picture as it was on a seperate basket)

I was truly satisfied with the meal i had at Yuki, and it's only $18.80. For your information, the mixed tempura basket included in my bento box has 2 pieces of snapper, prawn, squid, french beans and some other veg. It was a big meal, i have no complaint about it as they were using really fresh ingredients, presentation was lovely, sushi rolls was fresh (i think they rolled to order). I can't wait for my next visit to try more of their other food.

Just tonight, i ventured my Japanese food brawl into this finer dining of Japanese food, the iza-kaya style (tapas style in Japanese cuisine) in Ha-Lu , Mt Hawthorn.

Nice and cosy setting

Me and my mate ordered 4 dishes to share

Sashimi of the day - Salmon, Swordfish and Scallop (best sashimi scallop i've ever had)

Braised Pork Belly - the sweet soy broth was really good, only wish that they serve us the better cut of pork belly

Duck and Aubergine Madeira Sauce - loved the Madeira Sauce, it was really really good!

Assorted Crispy Kushiage - Chef’s selected ingredients, crumbed and lightly deep fried to perfection, served with sweet sesame sauce

We weren't that full after tasting all 4 dishes plus a bowl of rice each, so we decided to try the desserts too, as they have one of my favourite dessert - parfait on the menu.

Berry Parfait and Green Tea Ice Cream

I was a bit disappointed with the Berry Parfait though, as it is not what i expected a parfait should be like (3 scoops of vanilla flavoured ice-cream with heaps of corn flakes and some berry yoghurt?!) The 2 scoops of ice cream on top, in between them flowing out with purple-reddish colour of berry look ... aherm embarrassing though! Ha and funny in a way!

All in all, nice experience if only the meals comes cheaper, we should be able to enjoy even more. Our bill came to $78.50 split between 2, an expensive night out for Japanese food, but anyway i enjoyed it except for the slight let down towards the end.

I still thought a Parfait should look like this

Chocolate Parfait @ Sandcastle Organic Restaurant, South Fremantle

A few Japanese food outlet you should avoid South of the River.
1. Niishi at Myaree
2. Hayashi at Applecross

Verdict for the above outlet - pricey and inconsistent food, nothing to rave about.


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