Friday, September 11, 2009

Cream Restaurant

Located at the upbeat swanky back street of East Perth, you just have to open your eyes big enough to find the restaurant, but don't worry, once you found it, you'll be amazed.

Dark, intimate red lighting, chocolate suede booths and brown hairy walls, sets a funky 1970s vibe. Chef owner John Mead and his wife Maria added their personal touches on the decor, bi-monthly season menu, hip cocktail menu and their good looking wine list.

I was pretty impress! I thought i was somewhere in Melbourne/Europe's bistro. The waitstaff was smiling and politely greeting us, they were friendly enough to explain the menu and recommend a few of their own favourite too!

Went there on my birthday with some mates, they don't have a huge menu, but good enough for you to decide on which one to have, because all of them sounds so good! Abit Mod-OZ + European flare.

Crumbed Fresh Local Wasabi Filled Scallops, Japanese Noodle Salad, Lemon Teriyaki Dressing

After tossing back and forth on the menu, i decided to try the wasabi filled crumbed scallop for entree and crispy pork belly as mains, both was really really good, especially the scallop, one of the best i've tasted. Crunchy on the outside, so-soft-n-moist-it-melt-in-your-mouth texture, bursting out subtle hint of wasabi, together with the fresh in season soba noodle salad, it just send me straight to heaven @###@ ... yes it was that orgasmic!!

Crispy pork belly with apple strudel and orange sauce

It continue to give me food orgasm on the pork belly main, the pork crackling was so crunchy, well seasoned and the meat was just so tender, it make me almost cry, and then balance up the saltiness from the pork with the acidity and sweetness from the apple strudel! Oh My ... I can't stop screaming in joy XD

Salt and pepper squid with nahm jim

While I am concentrating on salivating my food, mate A had salt n pepper squid as entree and fish of the day for main, mate A said it was very nice and the produce was very fresh. Mate B had potato gnocchi with 3 cheeses sauce, the homemade gnocchi was so soft and the 3 cheese sauce doesn't feel heavy at all, the flavour was just right!

Fish of the day - parmesan crumbed fish with citrus salad

Sorry for the very dark and blurry pictures, as i said the place has got dark and intimate lighting, very good for couple :)

Homemade potato gnocchi with 3 cheeses sauce

We don't go home without trying the dessert, because we wanted to be WOW again. They have a selection of homemade ice-cream on offer, eg. cherry ripe i/c, baci i/c and etc. I was tossing between the rich chocolate tart with cocoa base pastry and the self-saucing chocolate pudding, both sounds really interesting. I guess, in the end, the idea of self-saucing chocolate pudding won over the really good look rich chocolate tart!

Self-saucing chocolate pudding with cherry ripe ice-cream

The end result of awarding, the pudding was soft and moist going with some heavily liquer soaked cherry and cherry ripe ice-cream. I thought i was drunk after finishing this heavenly art piece.

No doubt, I will be returning to try the other stuff on the menu, and their funky cocktail too!

Cream Restaurant
Suite 2/ 11 Regal Place
East Perth 6004

Only opening for dinner, Tuesday - Saturday

Food Quality: 4.5 hearts
Service: 4 hearts
Ambience: 4.5 hearts
Will I be back: BIG YES!!!

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