Friday, September 11, 2009

George Colombaris's Bolognaise

Master Chef Australia finished a while ago, the TV show received tremendously good rating. No doubt, i was a big fan of the show.

If anyone still remember one of the first taste test that featured in the show, it was George's mom's recipe for this awesome bolognaise.

I am glad i wrote down the recipe for this bolognaise, i was trying out this recipe the other day, and boy you don't really want to go out to your random neighbourhood cafe for bolognaise ever again!

George Colombaris's Bolognaise

E.V.O.O (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Diced onion
Diced garlic
Beef Mince
Veal Mince
Pork Mince
Cinnamon Ground
Bay Leaves
Nutmeg Ground
Whole Clove/ Clove Ground
Tomato Paste
Chopped Tomato/ Canned Diced Tomato
White Wine

I did put in my own spin, as we don't have beef and veal mince in the freezer, we only put in pork mince. And we put in some fresh herbs - oregano and basil, and diced zucchini for some green.

We put the ground spices into the mince, give them a mix and cook them off as you would when you are making bolognaise.

It has so much more of a dimension than your regular bolognaise, i love the subtle taste of clove and nutmeg, it really did make a huge difference.

Cook some spaghetti or have it with rice or tortilla wrap, it will just taste as good! :)

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