Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe's Fish Shack?

What would you normally have when you're having lunch in Freo? Perhaps some fish n chips, a big bowl of chilli mussels or some big ass gourmet pizza to go with a pint of freshly brewed local beer.

There are close 100 restaurant/eatery outlet in Fremantle, but it's abit hard to pick out a good quality restaurant that sells the above mentioned dishes that taste good!

Unfortunately for us, it was Father's day sunday, everywhere in Freo was packed with families and tourists, some places like The Little Creatures was so packed that you need to wait up to 30mins to get a table for 2.

Needless to say, we settled at Joe's Fish Shack, we have been going to Circerellos and Kailis, have yet to give Joe's a go!

Despite being ignored for close to 10mins standing at the door, waiting to be seated, this shed looking restaurant has being decorated with lotsa fishing equipment, photos of fisherman, old newspaper clip and an used van's frame as their counter. Situated by the water, it's a great place to bring your mom n dad, kids, granny and friends for a casual but relaxing sunday lunch.

Perhaps, what they are lacking of is a jukebox that churn out 80's rock n roll classic and a friendly host!

Nothing too personal here, but i will be more happy if the host greeted us with a smile and maybe an apology for letting us waited too long! Apart from that, the waitstaff that took our order was pretty friendly and our water was often top up!

Now back to the food, I have an insider (he once worked for them) told me that Joe's Fish Shack would probably be the worst eatery out of the 3 (Circerellos & Kailis) . Well i can't really justify that as i didn't try all of their food, but the huge menu consists of mostly deep fried seafood & chargrilled fresh fish serve with coleslaw and chips. That doesn't sound exciting at all, considering that i prefer complex sides and sauces to go with grill fish, if i eat out.

Chilli Mussels that is full of oil

In the end, we opt for a serve of garlic bread, Chilli Mussels and Joe's Platter for 1. I quite their generosity in giving us such a big bowl of mussels for an entrees size, at $17.95 the price was fair, but when it comes to taste, it was a huge let down.

Chilli Mussels is one of the easiest thing to cook, but they are able to send out one of the worst Chilli Mussels i've ever had! This is what is written on their menu - "Mussels steamed in white wine, cooked in our own napoletana sauce with a hint of chilli"

Even a 5 years old kid know what is a Napoletana sauce, it is made out of tomato and herbs. On the other hand, the chilli mussels we had taste like paste-y red sauce washed down with water and oil that only taste of chilli. I was wondering, where is the white wine, where is the sweetness from the tomatoes??

I suppose, what we love eating chilli mussels is the sauce and the mussels taste (For those who doesn't know, they should taste like the ocean, salty and fishy)

But i suspect the chef cooked the mussels in a pot of boiling water, heat up the diluted sauce, strain the mussels and toss in the sauce. And that explain the lack of seafood taste in the sauce.

It wasn't disgusting, but it was just not right!

Joe's Platter for 1

On the other hand, at the price of $31.95, you get a piece of beer battered frozen fish, salt n pepper squid, Joe's famous stuffed prawn, coleslaw, chips and 2 dipping sauce. Let's just skip the beer battered frozen fish yea, they are just not the greatest. I personally quite like the stuffed prawns (Local prawns stuffed with spinach & bacon, rolled in Joe's beer batter), you can't go wrong with bacon and fresh local prawn, my only wish on this dish was to get more of the prawn. Salt and pepper squid was alright, a tad too salty, but it will be fine to eat with the dipping sauce.

Joe's Fish Shack located at
42 mews rd
fishing boat harbour
fremantle wa 6160

Open daily 11:30am to late

Food Quality: 2.5 lemon wedges
Service: 3 lemon wedges
Ambience: 4 lemon wedges
Will i go back: maybe not, I will probably head to their competitors, unless i have a SERIOUS craving for the stuffed prawn

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