Friday, September 18, 2009

Vans Cafe and Deli

I believe Vans Cafe and Deli is no stranger to all Perthians, at least it is popular among the southern suburbs peeps. I've heard a lot of good recommendations from my friends, today i finally understand why.

Situated at the corner of a busy street off Stirling Highway, just next to the Cottesloe train station. We walked in without a reservation just 10 mins before lunch hour starts, there are still customers chatting away with their cup of latte or english breakfast tea from breakfast, or locals who just finish their morning jog around the area came for a cup of tea with an organic slice of sweets, chilling out with todays paper, catching up with their neighbour and friends or a group of mums and bubs sharing stories on how fast their babies grow.

Wonderful laid back atmosphere, mostly cater to the upper class married women with their overly done hair, their LV bags and sipping away their French Champagne. Don't worry, it is a monday, there are also urban chic uni students coming in for their home cut chips and free Wi-Fi. If you don't like to be seen, you are more than welcome to grab a table at the backyard, enjoy your meal with more privacy and less noise, or you could just enjoy the outdoor seating, it will just serve you right!

With all day breakfast on the menu together with their seasonal mod-oz menu and daily special, this place is cater for everyone, and don't forget they have a vast selection of pastries and cakes, their homebrand coffee and freshly squeezed fruit juice, just right for the people who are after a cup of coffee and cakes or just something healthy.

Pan fried salmon, olive crust, confit fennel, artichoke, citrus goats curd

For once, i thought i was at somewhere in Los Angeles, the sun, the breeze, the rich women and cute waiter! Service was a bit slow as it was the transition time between breakfast and lunch, but the manager was friendly and attentive, so that was forgiven!

Slow roasted lamb shoulder, pea puree, baby carrots, swiss chard, wholegrain mustard jus

We ordered a braised lamb shoulder, a salmon dish and a watermelon juice, food came out less than 15 minutes and they look amazing, fresh, seasonal produce, flavour was just right, good portions and happy customer! :D

Strawberry Tart with vanilla mascarpone and italian meringue $15

One thing that let us down was the desserts on offer, we had the strawberry tart with vanilla mascarpone and italian meringue, the tart base was too hard to even crack on, i thought i'll have to break my tooth to eat them and the mascarpone vanilla cream was a tad weird, regret ordering this desserts, perhaps should just stick to the cakes on offer at the display fridge. I should know that i shall never expect too much from a cafe that opens all day and do breakfast all day, it's a bit too much for the chef to have time to fine tune the desserts!

Anyway, the selection of fresh juices and good food wins my heart, I don't mind going for simple dinner one day to see the difference!

Vans Cafe and Deli
1, Napoleon St,


Open 7 days
from 7am til 10pm
Bookings recommended to avoid disappointment

Food Quality: 4 soft-boiled egg
Service: 3 soft-boiled egg
Ambience: 4 soft-boiled egg
Will I be back: yesyesyes especially when i feel like breakfast for dinner !

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