Sunday, October 25, 2009

Choux Cafe, Swanbourne

I recently read up this article about chef Emmanuel Mollois from Spice Magazine spring edition. He is one of those French chef that migrate to Australia and become quite popular due to their strong expertise.

He is now a pastry chef and owner of Choux Cafe at Swanbourne, after reading this article, i drove down to his cafe the next day.

On the wall of Choux Cafe, there are heaps of newspaper and magazine article about chef Emmanuel, and of course he is most famous for his pastries. He claimed that all the pastry in the cafe are homemade including jams and sauces too.

I went into the cafe, on the display, there are array of colourful macaroons and also all sorts of sweet tarts/pie, cakes and savoury pastries too.

We picked out 2 desserts out of all kind on offer, the one on the left is white chocolate & vanilla francais, it looks pretty and intricate too. The while layer on the outsite is obviously white chocolate but in the inside, it was white choc & vanilla mousse kinda texture, very nice. As for the one on the right, it was coffee brulee with layer. It looks pretty, perhaps the redness from the strawberry hook me on! I am not too sure about this dessert, as i am used creamy, smooth texture kinda brulee. His version is more of a airy, slightly overcooked egg custard! Was slightly disappointed with the brulee but was pleased to try the white choc francais. 

I believe almost everyone enjoy eating dessert with a nice cup of velvety, creamy, strong coffee, or on some occasion a nice cup of tea. To be frank, i wasn't very pleased with the coffee here, the coffee tasted way too bitter and BURNT!! It could be the bean and also the barista, the milk was just way too hot and runny.

I end up going up with a bit of disappointment over the cup of coffee and the coffee creme brulee. However, i didn't went home empty handed though! I bought a beef bourguignon pie for breakfast for the next day. I told myself, how can i not try a beef bourguignon pie from a famous French pastry chef.

Man oh man ... was i right or what!

I heated them in a microwave then into the oven for 5 minutes and i am on my way to piegasmic.

I have been looking for GREAT pie around Perth area after having tried Denmark's pie (They are like so good). And this pie came in just in time to save  the drought over good pie in Perth.

The pie pastry was like the best ever i have tried so far. It is very short and buttery and crispy, i was making all sort noise while biting down the pie. It was really that good! Good thing never comes in cheap though, this pie cost me $6.50 (t/a price) or $8 to dine in.

After eating the meaty, gusty pie, i was as happy as a gold miner who just found gold!

I will never have to drive all the way down to Denmark for some seriously good pie!

Choux Cafe
93, Shenton Road,
08 93854227
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Bastiaan said...

We too crossed the Nullarbor, and paid a visit to the famous choux cafe for a cappuchino and an almond croissant, we arrived at 9.30, there were only a few patrons, just as well, because the service was painfully slow, that gave us plenty of time to peruse all the newspaper clippings of the famous cook, I had to settle for a choc/almond croissant from the day before because there were no almond croissants left or they had not come out yet, my wife took a vanila slice that had a flavoured whipped cream filling instead of a creamy custard. The coffee was Segafredo and if you like good coffee you will avoid that brand because it never tastes any good. We complained about the dirty table and after a while some boy came out with a dirty cloth and a trigger pack of Dettol cleaner? He managed to get rid of most of the crums. We had drank our coffee by the time our cakes arrived. We too were very disappointed and it appeared that this “famous” chef is far to busy seeking fame to spent time in the kitchen or train his staff!. The verdict: you get better and bigger croissants at the Adelaide makets! And if you want a feel good coffee experience in Perth? go To Boucla’s on Rokeby Rd, Subiaco. Their coffee is great and their cakes are wicked, straight from the oven!