Saturday, October 17, 2009

Greens & Co., Leederville

If you have been to Oxford St, Leederville but never heard of Greens & Co., that's ok, because most people would remember their decor more than their name, after all the money they spend on lanterns, light bulbs and Ikea's furnitures, I don't think they have much left on their pocket to invest on a new and visible signage.

But that's alright, because people know them as the coffee shop with lotsa lanterns on Oxford St, and this is also what i like about them.

Not only that they have good coffee but also a wide selection of pastries and cakes.
When me and my mate was standing in front of the display fridge, we couldn't help to contain our joy, "they all look good", we have no idea which one to choose from, and we ended up getting a honeycomb brulee tart.

On the downside, their ordering system is a bit of a mess, you order your drinks at the coffee machine, you wait there and you pick up your goodies and pick a comfortable chill out spot for yourself.

With everyone cramped up infront of the til, we're not sure where the queue is, but it's all good, as long as i get a nice cuppa, i'm happy! :D

I do enjoy the atmosphere very much too, there are tons of new and old gigs poster on the wall, heaps of lantern hanging down from the ceiling make it a very nice and vibrant place to be in. Not only that, they have pool tables and some old school arcade games as well, if you don't have any coin in ya, there are selection of board games for you and your mates to play including a mini foosball machine!

Playing some upbeat cool chill out music, sitting on the couch, sipping on my nice cup of coffee, bombarded with gigs posters, people watching. It is indeed a very nice place to hang out for all you trendy people out there and of course the coffee lover too!

Greens & Co.

123 Oxford St
Leederville, WA 6007

Tel: 08 9444 4093

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magi said...

Wow, the finished product turned out beautifully...I love it!

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