Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Almighty Angus Beef Burger

Have you watch the latest cheeky McDonald TV commercial yet? The one that featured the almighty angus beef burger? The one that's a little fancy? The one that everyone said was really good, like real burger?

The TV ad was making us drooling over the burger, yes sure i'll have to try them one day, and yes i did.

Everyone whom i know, whom have tried it said it was bloody good, after having try it myself, i have one word, only one word - SUCKS!

you can see from the picture that the beef patties was actually really dry!

It actually did gave me a hard chewing the burger down, it was way to dry to eat em'. I wouldn't blame my mates who said it was good, I'll just blame it on the inconsistency that Maccas deliver.

You just can't ask for too much from a 16yrs old who knows nothing about cooking the beef patties right!

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