Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pizza Bianca, Spanish Chorizo

Pizza Bianca was on tonight's dinner menu, made the dough fresh at home. The only problem i had while making the dough was where should i put them to proof the dough? I can't seems to find a warm spot in the house.

So I've tried putting the dough into a stainless steel bowl, wrapped them with cling film then put them under the sun.Not really working that well.

It just sprung my mind that i could have put them ontop of the coffee machine! It works fine, no, it works well instead. NOTE TO SELF: COFFEE MACHINE NEXT TIME!!

After cooking them into a not so well evenly heated oven, they turned out alright, the dough taste a bit overworked though! I guess that could be because the Kenwood Chef Mixer that i have wasn't working that well in small batches! I ended up using hand to form the dough into a small ball, the machine is just not forming them together!

Anyway, problem set apart, homemade pizza is always better than the one you have out there (those pizza chain store!)

Dinner tonight's a bit of everything, just like tapas. Clockwise from left: Pizza Bianca, Rosa's famous chorizo, Olive Farm Wines' marinated olives, sweet potato chip, and also a big bowl of salad.

I was around Wembley area last week, went to Spanish Flavour to get some really famous chorizo from this lady - Rosa.

If you love the chorizo from Cantina, Pata Negra, Andaluz, just to name a few. But most of the really good chorizo that you get around Perth, are most probably from Spanish Flavour.

Spanish Flavours Wembley
Shop 17/ 350 Cambridge St
(08) 9284 1313

 Read more about this place from Spice Magazine and abstractgourmet, if you are looking for some serious Spanish products, this is the place to go and of course some high quality jamon iberico as well!

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