Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spring Lamb, Summer Berries

Bought this lovely pre-package leg of lamb from Woollies the other day, it weigh about 600grm and it costs me $11, not bad for a deal i think!

I roast them with some garlic, seas salt + cracked pepper and rosemary for about 1 hour @ 200C. I followed the instruction to roast them for 30mins per 1kg, i tried roasting for 20mins, but the meat was still raw at the centre, after having much testing, i pulled out after 1hour and leave them to rest on a wire rack. If my oven was functioning properly, i would have a pinker lamb, but alas it's not a bad effort, the lamb still tasted good.

To go with the lamb, I've made some ratatouille, with much love and precision cutting putting the dish, the ratatouille tasted really good, it was such a good side dish, the tangy-ness from sherry vinegar goes well with my roast lamb.

Me and my roomie enjoyed it!

I wanted to have to complete dinner tonight, and therefore I've made up a mixed berries crumble. Due to the reason being i don't have enough eggs nor cream, so crumble is the easiest and quickest dessert to make, and they taste yummy as well!

With this, i pulled out some frozen mixed berries from the freezer, add some icing sugar into the berries and some orange peel and some chiffonade mint leaves.

The tangy-ness from the berries and orange peel make this a very good summer dessert but of course it is better to serve with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or some creme anglaise to balance it up!

It is such a good spring/summer dinner :D

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