Thursday, November 5, 2009

Red Herring, East Freo

I'm sure most Perthians out there have been to The Left Bank Bar in East Freo, well Red Herring is just opposite the Lefty sits by the river. I do think they are pretty well known as a seafood restaurant in Fremantle area. Having only been there for the first time, I am quite happy with what i was given that night!

Menu size was appropriate, if you are not a seafood eater, i will suggest you to go somewhere else, as their menu consists of almost 80% of seafood items, but they do have a vegetarian option on the menu.

I am always bad in choosing what to have, because i am just this greedy little one that wanted to try everything! In the end, we started off with their special share entree plate for $28.50 per person! It is a bit expensive, but when it was presented in front of us, we were wowed by the portion size, and it comes in 2 tier, considering this was only the entree, this is huge!

On the top tier, there are 4 very fresh salmon sushi, 4 freshly rolled california sushi roll, the usual sushi condiments and house marinated octopus salad.

Bottom tier, clockwise from top: salmon and prawn fish cake, chilli sauce, crisy fried squid, duck spring roll, thai dipping sauce, 2 tempura oysters at the centre.

Everything on the special seafood entree was good, especially the sushi, they were so fresh, totally worth your money, and they fill you up too. On the downside, the duck spring roll was a HUGE let down. The duck gamey smell was WAY TOO overpowering, i need to dip it into the sauce and chew it down quickly together with my glass of wine. Other than that, we quite enjoyed this share plate, heck you don't even need to order mains.

Our mains come out not too long after the entree being cleared, we were still quite full then, but we didn't ask for a break.

My dining companion wasn't interested in their seafood selection, she claimed the menu sounded boring, then she opted for the lamb shank. According to her, it wasn't that nice either, the shank was a  bit tough and chewy, probably needs longer cooking time. But due to our big serve of entree, she ended up taking 80% of her mains back home.  NOTE TO SELF: NEVER EVER ORDER MEAT DISH IN A SEAFOOD RESTAURANT.

Well for me, I am still interested in having seafood as mains. I went for the whole baked NZ flounder served with burnt brown butter with capers and a beetroot salad. It is a very simple dish, but you don't normally get whole baked flounder in Perth restaurant. My flounder was alright, the only criticism was that the flat fish has been in the oven for maybe 3 mins than it's supposed, so the flesh was a tad dry-ish for me, but not the horrible kind. If i wasn't so full and if the fish was PERFECTLY cooked, i wouldn't enjoyed it more.

Other than that, it was a rather good night with prompt service and a rather relaxing atmosphere. Don't mind coming back again when they change their menu next time.

The Red Herring
26 Riverside Road East Fremantle
Western Australia 6158
(08) 9339 1611
Opening Hours
Mon-Frid 12am-3pm, 6pm-late
Sat 9am-3pm, 6pm-late
Sun 8am-11am, 12am-3pm, 6pm-late

Food Quality: 3.5 Flounder
Service: 4 Flounder
Ambience: 4 Flounder
Will I be Back: When they change their menu.

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