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Chanterelle at Jessica's

If you're a massive seafood lover like I do and love old school classic European cooking style, this is a place for you!

We got to know this place from the entertainment book, without much expectation we thought to give it a try, since it's located in Hyatt Hotel. We searched high and low in Hyatt, only to know that they are not part of Hyatt Hotel group. They are in fact, just next to the hotel courtyard! If you go in from Terrace Rd, you would have easily locate them.

We doubt for abit, once we step our foot in, the place was empty (it was a Tuesday arvo)! I wondered if they were open *gasp!*. Soon after, someone came out and greet us.

Awards plaque, dated decor and furnitures, water tank with live seafood. 

Gold plate awards plaque were all over the wall, that's a good sign, but some of them were dated back to 1996, i wonder if they are still any good today. Decor and furniture was kinda dated, you felt like you have just walk into your grannies favourite restaurant. They also have 2 huge water tank that have live marron and lobster. However, once I've open the menu BOOK, yes it's as thick as a book, I start to change my impression on them.

Menu was HUGE and extensive, if you're a fans of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen's Nightmare, you know that a place with huge menu could meant - disasterous! I'm working in the kitchen myself and i know how hard it's to maintain your fresh produce fresh at all time. I started to doubt on their menu, I don't want to eat mouldy meat nor fishy seafood, but everything on the menu sounds very interesting.

It took me a while to decide on what to have because they have 15 entrees to choose from, bare in mind, breads have their own section too! Going down from the list, there's 13 Seafood Mains and 10 choices of Meat Mains for you to choose. I gotta attend a course to learn what to choose for lunch!

Smoked fish chowder with scallops, prawns and mussels; Prawn bisque with cognac cream; Seafood tasting plate (salmon mousse, cured salmon, oyster shooter, salmon tartar, prawn, scallop salad); Goat cheese & caramelised onion soufflé with gruyere and fresh cream; Mint and Pea Risotto with curry seared scallops; Chicken and Pistachio terrine with onion jam and micro herbs and etc are some of the interesting items on their entree menu that is enough to make your life hard!

And yet, there are still another 23 choices for you to choose for Mains! Trust me, it's not easy to choose items from Bouillabaisse of W.A. fresh fish, prawns, mussels, scallops, to Oven roasted whole fish from our tanks cooked to order (yes, fish from the tank!), maybe Grilled duck breast with chickory, caramelised apple, port wine sauce rosti potatoes, perhaps Grilled fillet steak with braised ox tail, red wine and shallot sauce and parsley potatoes, or Wagyu steak tarter with french fries and and warm toast, they all sounded amazing.

Being such a hard arse to myself, I ended up with just a Bbq ocean plate ( salmon, snapper, tuna, scallops, prawns, squid) saffron risotto, dill butter sauce, i guess this dish is good for people like me who can't decide. And my mate who are sick of my miserable, she had Char grilled peppered tuna with bok choy and ponzu sauce instead (Of all the good choices!)

My mains came out looking exquisite and fresh (that's most important), to my surprise the seafood were really fresh and was cooked to perfection! The scallop was sweet, tender and juicy; the salmon, snapper and swordfish was crispy on the outside and as soft as marsh mellow on the inside, it was nicely seasoned as well, i can't believe it! The prawn and squid was equally amazingly fresh and tender. The saffron risotto was a bit bland in flavour but the texture was spot on, same as the dill butter sauce it needed a tad more acidity, other than that I'm really happy and contented with my dish, I enjoyed it very much!

The tuna dish was equally fresh and cooked to perfection, it was nicely charred so the smokey flavour from the griller makes you think that you are eating a piece of steak. Despite being perfect and all, but my mate perfer the tuna steak from JACS caffeteria.

After having the main, the portion was on the ok side, but a dessert to finish the meal would be purrfect! Again, we were facing a dilemma, 12 dessert item to choose from, you don't normally get this from the other restaurant in Perth! And they are made in house, some item on the menu caught my eye and again it makes my life harder. I was tossing between the Orange and grand marnier soufflé with honey ice cream and Chocolate uptopia (brulee, mousse, souffle, terrine, tart, ice cream) or Flaming bomb alaska with chocolate ice cream. When i finally made a decision, I was only be told that all of which that i have chosen will need to wait for at least 20mins, unfortunately for us we were rushing for work, so we gotta opt for something fast! It would've help if they have informed us earlier.

The tart is looking pretty sexy ** 

We ended up having Glazed passionfruit tart with king island cream and Classic Belgian chocolate mousse with fresh cream, they were equally good too. The velvety texture from the passionfruit tart give you a smooth finish, not overly sweet nor overly sour, but it was best to eat with the double cream that are provided with. It is indeed one of the best Passionfruit Tart you can get in Perth. The size of the tart can easily fill up 2 person. If you're a tart person, this might be the dish you want to try before you die, maybe share it with someone else just so you could have try their entree and mains easily.

The ever so rich Dark chocolate mousse, pair up with dark chocolate sauce, I got chocolate overdose! 

The chocolate mousse wasn't disappointing yet rich in flavour, very delicate and smooth all around. I do love Belgian dark chocolate, but what I am having here is 3 big quenelle of rich chocolate mousse, i think i OD from the rich chocolate mousse. Don't get me wrong, the chocolate mousse was really nice, it was spot on, but the portion was just way too big, i wish they only give me 1 quenelle of it then top it up with some nuts or some fruits, that wouldn't make me feel so sick towards the end. 

Some cookies and chocolate were served while waiting for desserts. 

No doubt, the chef must be someone with acquire skill and still practising the classic way of cooking, he is not someone who would surrender to contemporary cuisine that we see everywhere in Australia. That's a good thing, at least i know where to find dishes like steak or salmon tartare or even a good old flaming bomb alaska! Although, remember to skip coffee, i would much prefer the independant contemporary coffee on offer right now in Perth.

Yea, the coffee came to me like this, runny, steaming hot and messy!

I think Chanterelle at Jessica's worth mentioning, they are just another hidden gem in Perth. If they work on their decor, I think it will attract more of the contemporary foodies age between 25-40, whom are the one that is going out and spend. I don't mind going back to try the other stuff on the menu, I'm eyeing on the seafood platter and the souffle if next time I'm there!

Overall Experience: 4 outta 5 (decor needs some work, coffee was a let down)

Chanterelle at Jessicas
Shop 1 Hyatt Centre, Adelaide Terrace Perth
Tel: (08) 9325 2511
Fax: (08) 9221 5710 

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from Noon to 2:00pm and 6:00pm to 11.00pm
Weekends from 6:00pm - 11:00pm

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