Saturday, March 13, 2010

Four Season Roasting Duck Restaurant

Ever wonder why Dim Sum Queen never actually writes a post about Dim Sum (Yum Cha) at all? So for the first time ever, I am doing a Dim Sum review.

Having tried most of Perth’s Dim Sum, at times I felt kind of lazy to write about Dim Sum that is just mediocre. But I do keep a small booklet that write about my after thoughts about the Yum Cha place, in point form! Or just a small note to myself “never ever come back to this place for Dim Sum!”

When I was still a kid, Yum Cha on the weekend with the family is more like a luxurious god sent present. They are never cheap, but the goodness from all those small little dumplings, makes your life feel so content.  All of a sudden, you forgot about the exam you are about to sit on the following week, the parents forgot about having to work on Monday.

After having tried the dim sum in Perth, I was even more contented. Arguably that Perth doesn’t have the best Dim Sum in Australia, but what I love most about the dim sum is that everything is bigger here, the prawns are fresher and bigger from where I grew up. And that’s where I begin my Dim Sum scout in Perth.

The first time I went to Four Season Roasting Duck for Dim Sum was a couple years ago, as I can’t remember it being really awesome nor really bad. But I do remember, there’s always a queue out there and the hanging birds (roasting duck, roasting chicken, BBQ pork and roast pork) were actually quite an attraction.

If I do need to get roasting duck, this is place where I'll go for, because their roast duck is really really good. Moist and tender duck meat, packed full of Chinese spices flavour rub on the bones, it's a finger licking good sensation too! That aside, we are only talking about Dim Sum today.

Prices are average as you can see from their menu, choices too are pretty basic. You'll often get waiters pushing the steaming hot trolley shouting for "har gao, siu mai, prawn dumpling...". The Yum Cha vibe is here, but as you turn around, look towards the cashier counter, you'll see the owner are often in his black face scolding his staff to clean that, to deliver that, do this, do that. It's pretty scary! To not piss the owner off, we've ordered some Dim Sum from the cart.

At the left, is the Phoenix Claw better known as chicken feet. I myself don't eat chicken feet, so according to my dining companion, they were saying the chicken feet needs more cooking time as it wasn't soft enough. On the right is Prawn and Chive Dumpling. I am a big fan of steamed dumpling, especially the one with big prawns inside.

But I am quite disappointed with their steamed dumpling, as you can see from the picture, the skin is way too thick and floury causing the dumpling quite chewy. I personally prefer a thinner and less floury skin, of course wrap up with huge bursty prawn. Too bad, their prawns are not as bursty nor fresh.

We also pick up other dishes like Steamed spare ribs, BBQ Pork Buns (Char Siew Pau), Pork and Prawn dumpling and Steamed Rice Flour Roll. I remember the Buns was pretty soft, and the BBQ pork filling inside was quite contented. Despite all the fatty food that we are eating, the hot pot of tea that we ordered did a pretty good job in washing down that fats. 

Last but not least, we can't go to Yum Cha without having munch on the Salt and Pepper Squid right? There were good, nicely seasoned and the size are not too big so it's quite soft too! We did left the place, feeling intimidated by the owner/cashier, also walking out the restaurant by staring at the hanging roasting duck, they looked good, but we were too full! 

Four Season Roasting Duck Restaurant 
Shop 8-9375 William St,
08-9228 9883 for reservation.

Opening Hours:
Thursday - Tuesday Lunch and Dinner.

Go for the roast duck and roast pork, it's usually very good. For Dim Sum, maybe try another restaurant, there are heaps more Yum Cha outlet in Northbridge.

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Ken said...

Hmm...yea, their Roasted Duck was decent, never tried their Dim Sum before as i always find Dim Sum in Perth are overpriced, at least we can get 3 times cheaper in Malaysia right? :P