Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chilli sauce, really?

There are so many different eating habits among man-kind. Some of which, you can accept for who they are; everyone has a different cultural background, different kind of brought up and different kind of exposure to food culture. Recently I have encounter with more of these weird or different kind of eating habits.

However, one that i can't tolerate is the one (a group of them actually) that carries LV or a luxury branded handbags, wears a Christian Dior sunglasses, branded apparel from top to bottom, probably pays up to thousands to fix up their hair every fortnight, in their 40s, sipping French Champagne during lunch with their group of ladies friends. Yes, I am hereby judging them by the way they carry themselves, nothing wrong with dressing up with branded apparel, don't get me wrong. You would have thought they are the well-educated, successful women in their 40s, expose to all sort of things, probably have eaten at a few michelin star restaurant in Europe.

But when they start eating, the well cultured first impression that you saw at the very first place disappeared to the dumpster nearby.

They asked for bottle of chilli sauce and drenched it in everything that is on the table, Aglio-olio prawn spaghetti coated with CHILLI SAUCE?? CHILLI SAUCE drenched in rolled and stuffed chicken thigh with exotic mushroom?? What's next? Perhaps dip foie gras served with truffle ice-cream in CHILLI SAUCE?? No?!

I have nothing against chilli sauce, but eating with every possible thing is a big disgrace to the chef's piece of artwork. Imagine the chef putting in all the effort, prepping for every single little detail for a dish, from making the stock to fine tuning the jus, from dissecting a chicken to stuffing them and slowly poach them, all these requires skills, effort and passion.

I am fine with diners putting more salt and peppers onto their dish but spaghetti coated with CHILLI SAUCE?? Yuck yuck and yuck!

I sincerely think that bottled chilli sauce, bottled tomato sauce and jar mayonaise are reserves for deep fried finger food such as fries/chips and overly factory processed frozen “food”.

I just don't get it! Especially from a group of ladies who obviously knows what to wear and like to be in the society elite group but they obviously don't know how to eat. How sad! They are just pretending to be one.

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jazzypierce said...

I think chilli sauce is still ok. What about women who talk and laugh their lungs out during meals? I work at a hotel and sometimes I could hear some women laugh so loud the whole lobby could hear. And women who complain everytime they dine out? And those who make a mess on the table like 3-year old kids? And those who ask for dressing on the side, no bacon and no croutons, dah dah dah? Pain in the a**e!!! Arghh!