Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mille Cafe

While we were sipping our coffee at Soto Espresso in Highgate, we were thinking where to go for reasonable price dinner. Instinctively, we whipped out our Entertainment book to look for bargain dinner on a Monday night. I know there are probable a lot of good restaurant that we can go to along Beaufort St, but we wanted to take the opportunity to use the discount offer on Entertainment book. Then, Mille Cafe it is!

Went with a party of 5, we all had ok and some not-up-to-par food.

We shared 2 portion of garlic bread to start with, it is not something worth shouting about as the garlic bread was lack in flavour.

One of my friend had their pork belly which was quite good, nice balanced flavour and texture. Didn't get the chance to snap a picture of it, but it looks presentable too. One of my mate had the MSA sirloin steak, it was served with a VERY huge portion of mash and some green beans, for those carbs/potato eaters, they must have love it. However, the steak was way overcooked, eventhough we asked for Medium-rare, it probable came a tad too well for his liking.

Our pasta came out looking scarily Huge, not a problem if you're a big eater or if you're sharing with someone.

We had a homemade torn pasta with chicken, mushroom, parmesan cheese and brown stock?! It was alright, I tasted just a mouthful, it was ok but my friend whom is having it have to stop eating after going through only 1/4 of it. The creaminess tends to fill you up rather quickly, it just takes your appetite away. We ended up asked to put into a takeaway box.

That was the angel hair pasta with prawns, the portion was that big, you don't feel like eating them. Having said that, it was indeed quite disappointing, it was bland, underseasoned, and the pasta was overcooked too,  my mate tried putting lotsa salt and pepper, but it was that bad that he couldn't even have finish quarter of it. The prawn was of the frozen imported from Thailand or Vietnam kind, they don't taste like prawns at all. 

Took a picture of his unfinished unbearable Angel Hair Pasta.

I had the seafood and quail paella, the rice was undercooked, seafood n quail was dry and yet it was really bland. I don't think the chef here uses salt at all while cooking! Even the stock they were using to cook my paella was tasteless too. I was truly disappointed with my dish too, it certainly doesn't look like a pealla, it was way too wet to start with, rice was undercooked, the quail meat was overcooked, the whole dish was underseasoned, perhaps the only good thing about this dish is that the peas was cooked alright and the yellowness from the saffron seems to look good!
In terms of service, it was friendly though, water was filled up at all times, no complain. They allowed BYO at only $5 per bottle, so it's recommended to bring your own wine if you're not satisfy with their extensive wine list.
They do won a fair bit of awards under the category of "Best cafe in Perth". Hmm.... ?! Mille Cafe is just your typical local cafe, situated on the quiet end of Beaufort Street, it's big, spacious and comfortable. It's certainly a family friendly place. In terms of food though, I'll give them a miss, or at least skip the pasta.

Food Quality: 2 paella out of 5
Service: 3 paella out of 5
Ambience: 2 paella out of 5
Will I be back: Not my kinda scene even on a rainy day.

Mille Cafe
1000 Beaufort Street
Inglewood 6052
Phone     (08) 9271 2288

Opening Hours
Monday and Tuesday - 5pm to late
Wednesday to Friday - 11am to late
Saturday and Sunday - 8.45am to late

Discount available with the EatingWA VIP Card and Entertainment Book

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Mille Cafe said...

I'd just like to saliently point out that Paella was removed from our menu in august 2009 along with the angel hair. We feel this is a misrepresentation of our restaurant and not up to our current standard. If you are going to post items under april 2010 please ensure they are up to date not nearly 9 months ago as this can mislead potential customers. We would kindly ask you to re-date your review or remove it please, ir you need to contact us regarding this you can do so through our web site,


Mille Cafe

jazzypierce said...

I'd been there before and also had bad experience. I don't agree that when the menue was revised/ certain items were removed, the comment/blog post no longer represents the restaurant. All food items (regardless of their availability on the menu) reflect how attentive both chefs and waitpersons are. You simply DO NOT put food out on customers' tables if YOU think they are misrepresentation of your restaurant. Besides, it is forgivable if only 1 dish served is not up to par, but all dishes? That is not acceptable. The foods were served, bad experience was created, and the damage was done. If an establishment wants their reputation back, they need to do publicity and serve great food to win their customers back. Worsds of mouth would give great impact on existing and potential diners. Posting comments on blogs will not polish up their reputation, it only looks worse.

Anonymous said...

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