Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lite n' Easy made it easy

Just recently a housemate of mine sign up with Lite n' Easy meal plan, and I am there thinking why would you want to go on diet during winter? Also, the ultimate question of mine about Lite n' Easy meals gotta be whether it's any good.

Personally, I wouldn't sign up for meal plans like this, as I'm much prefer planning my own meal. Due to some unforeseen reason (just travel back to the country, had nothing to eat in the fridge, I'm too darn hungry and it's too cold to get takeaway), I had a go at my housemates' one of her Lite n' Easy meal - The Beef Stroganoff.

Just like any other frozen microwavable instant meal, all you have to do is just follow the said instruction, put into microwave for 9 mins and there you go!

Forget about the aesthetic of the meal, it's microwaveable frozen food, they never look good. To be honest, I haven't had microwaveable frozen food for a long long time, it reminds me of my uni life as a poor student, where savouring good food is a luxury and eating awful microwaveable frozen food is just a polite way to ask my stomach to stop rumble.

I have to say, Lite n' Easy meal is not as bad as those supermarket bought microwaveable frozen food. The pasta is Al Dente without feeling sticky or pastey, taste wise is ok, acceptable with good amount of lean beef and veges. The only problem though, the portion is way too small! Of course, this is for people who are on a diet plan and this meal especially is cater for person who only need 1200 CAL a day.

Well, beside microwaveable frozen food, Lite n' Easy also provide some fresh food as well such as fruits, wraps, nuts and breads.

If you're ever doubtful about signing up for Lite n' Easy meal plan but never got the guts to do that simply because you're not sure if the food is going to be good. Well then I'd say it's pretty ok and it does help you to lose weight but you just gotta control your temptation over a piece of chocolate mud cake! :)

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choochoo07 said...

Thanks for your review. I'm in the middle of moving out and sorting out my meal plan. Obviously it will never beat freshly cooked food but just wondering if you thought it saved much that much money (though I'm sure it would with effort) compared to buying the same things from the shop?