Saturday, May 1, 2010

Self-heating can of latte?

Mom bought something "rather interesting" for me the other day, thought that I might want to try.

Yes, a can of self-heating latte! I've heard of self-heating instant noodle bowl from Japan and also self-heating teriyaki chicken but never tried it myself. I'm not sure how popular this self-heating latte is, obviously I've never heard of it as I thought it is way to easy to get a cup of coffee anywhere in the world, be it a good cup of espresso or a rather ordinary cup of filtered coffee or maybe just get a can of nescafe from the vending machinece near you, but you get the caffeine kick whenever you want it anyway.

So, on this rather ordinary day, I finally took up the courage and try it!

Read through the complicated sounding instruction given (not at all complicated anyway, just sounds intimidated), read through the warning sign given, it sounds dangerous to me to activate the can.

 Ok, so frist, turn upside down, remove seal on base of can and press activation button.

I was a lilttle sceptical to press the button, thinking that something bad might happen, I still wanna live thank you very much!

It said "Push down 1.5cm on center", but it certainly didn't inform us to press HARDER, I was using all the force I have on my thumbs and try to push it down. After much strength being used, I was asked to shake gently for 20 seconds.

Second step, shake the can gently for 20 seconds and then turn upright. I counted, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...... 18, 19, 20, turn it back upright!

I can't believe my eye, I saw white smoke coming out from the bottom of the can, I hope it doesn't explode! I tried to touch the can lightly,  it is indeed slowly heating up, and temperature indicator on the can starts to turn colour, informing us that the can is heating up.

Well, I have to follow the instruction on the can, 3rd step is to WAIT, make sure the can is upright, wait for 3 minutes for the drink to get hot, open the can & enjoy!

I waited for close to 4 minutes, every once is a while, I tried to touch the can and see how hot can it be (it did warned me). As it warned us, it is indeed very HOT! I finally open the can after 4 minutes, and guess what....

Hot coffee spilled out onto my finger and it burns!

I was hoping it looks like a proper latte just like the picture shown on the can, also hoping that it taste like a proper latte.

Needless to say, never trust canned drink except for soft drinks!

It tasted just like canned Nescafe, but worst! It doesn't have crema like a proper latte has! And what was the ingredients again?

xanthan gum, anti-caking agent (341), what are they????? No wonder it tasted weird.

Well, i must give credit to the technology as it really keep the drinks HOT for a long time, I couldn't bare the heat as it burnt my tongue constantly and also it's get too hot to pick up the can too! I ended up pouring all out into a cup and added some ice, making it an ice coffee, but it still tasted weird, very weird.

Now I gotta use Listerine to wash my mouth, at the same time, I feel nausea after drinking it, excuse me for a second! 


Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Hey did you read that the drink will be HOT? Yes, HOT I tell you, it will get HOT! HOT HOT HOT!

You're a brave girl throwing caution to the wind and trying this intriguing drink. Sorry to hear it was as crap as we all thought it would be :( Hope your finger and stomach have recovered.

Oh and I don't quite understand the temperature indicator... you wait until the left one is screaming red to warn you, and the right one is white and "perfect"?

Dim Sum Queen said...

I don't quite understand the temperature indicator either, as the "perfect" turned green when it's first heated, then the "hot" slowly turn red and then the "perfect" starts to turn white, at the same time, the "hot" indicator is still red!

Anyway, there's always something new to try, never try never know, at least it didn't manage to kill me, hah!

jazzypierce said...

Already said "HOT" still touched it! Smart arse...

Haha just joking! Why didn't you post a photo of the end product so we could be the judges as well? Great post though :)