Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have been flying in and out of the country quite a lot lately, when I'm in Asian country, I crave for a simple scramble egg on toast with bacon on side and a perfect cup of flat white; but when I'm back in Perth I crave for a simple stir fry noodle. Sucks to be me!

I'm not so much of a brekkie person, simply because I find it hard to kiss goodbye to the warm bed I'm sleeping on. However, when i wake up, no matter what time of the day it is, I would love egg on toast. Kudos to those cafe who does all day breakfast.

The other day whilst I'm flying into Perth in the early wee hour, I took this opportunity to try brekkie at Sayers.

It was a very cold morning, I wasn't really well dress for the weather, but once the warm sun starts to shine and I start to soak up some fresh air, it's time for some breakfast!

It's 7-ish in the morning on a Wednesday and Sayers is already full packed with locals. Everyone seems to be sitting inside, thus we had to walk out to the cold and sit under the heater. It was all good as the courtyard has a lovely ambient.

We read through the extensive yet creative brekkie menu, and decide on what we like. Again, me being indecisive and extremely hungry (haven't had a meal on the plane), we finally decided on this:

Turkish bread crostini, herb & feta crusted field mushroom, crushed potato cake, bacon, poached egg & spicy red pepper relish - $19.50

Cumin cod cake, poached egg, rosemary scented tomato,
toasted ciabatta, wilted spinach & hollandaise - $19.50

Also a cup of flat white and cappo.

We saw the chef and the staff is pumping their heart out, they were extremely busy and we did waited a while for the coffee to arrive and waited a LONG while for the brekkie to be served.

By the time our breakfast arrive, I was so so so hungry that I've lost my appetite to eat. Looking at the sexy breakfast that I ordered, but find it hard to digest. It's entirely not Sayers' fault, I'll blame it on myself for over starving myself.

I had the Turkish bread crostini, the bread was a tad over toasted, making it too hard to chew, apart from that it was a lovely meal, especially the green relish on the side, it excite my palatte.

For the potato rosti with cod fish, it has chunks of cod fish in it, and it's pretty tasty as well, the hollandaise sauce was made to perfection same as the poach egg.

Coffee though, it was a bit disappointing, my cup of flat white was slightly runny, definitely not what I expected since so many other people have rave about their coffee. However, the cup of cappuccino was good.

Sayers is a pretty good place to go for brekkie or lunch or just for coffee and cakes despite the price being on the high side. If you have a dog, you're welcome to bring your dog in with you too, they even have dog bowl with dog food scattered everywhere in the courtyard area.

224, Carr Place
Leederville WA
(08) 9227 0429

Opening Hours: 
Mon - Sat: 7am - 11:30am breakfast; 11:30am - 2pm lunch, close at 5pm
Sunday: 7am - 2pm breakfast; 11:30am - 3pm lunch; close at 5pm
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Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

Pricey but tasty, I've been making my way through their breaky menu for a while now. The field mushroom is a favourite, but their beans are damn good too!

Anonymous said...

i go to sayers every morning and never have i found that there was dog food scattered all over the court yard. i think sayers works very hard to make everyone happy and they go as far as providing clean dog bowles with fresh filtered must of just had a really bad plane ride!

Dim Sum Queen said...

Anonymous: Sorry, I think I must've a bad plane ride or I wasn't well enough to see it clearly