Friday, July 30, 2010

Dragon Palace

Due to recent disappointing dim sum experience at Dim Sim Cafe, which didn't really satisfy our craving for dim sum, we were back to one of our favourite dim sum places 4 days later for a guaranteed dim sum fix.

This is definitely not my first time here. I have been back since their opening, bringing different groups of friends, families and overseas visitor each time. This is because the place is spacious, no queue, clean, attentive, good quality crockery and tableware and best of all, it offers a huge variety of dim sums. Also we almost work out what's best to have here and what's not.

Clockwise from top left: Steamed prawn dumpling, steamed prawn and chive dumpling, steamed pork & prawn dumpling, steamed spare ribs.

Above mentioned are pictures of some of the top 10 you-must-try-items at Dragon Palace.

Steamed prawn dumpling (Har Gao): Fresh bursty prawns with a crunchy bite, wrapped in rice flour dumpling skin that wasn't too thick nor too thin, it was just nice and not breaking apart. The portion was bigger compared to other dim sum places in Perth.

Prawn and chive dumpling: If you think steamed prawn dumpling is lacking in depth, try prawn & chive, the fragrance of chive goes really well with bursty prawns.

Steamed pork & prawn dumpling (Siu Mai): They do it differently here in Dragon Palace. Instead of using mixed pork and prawn mince , they use pork chunk. Some people might not like it chunky, but with this you get to see what you get and taste what you see, it has better texture too.

Steamed spare ribs in black bean sauce: I also like their spare ribs because they steam it with taro/yam and black bean. It's a real joy to have some yam bites, as it is not commonly found in Perth.

Steamed BBQ pork buns aka Char Siu Pao: Their homemade buns are very soft and fluffy, and the smoky, sweet and caramelized pork mixture enhances the whole "melt-in-your-mouth" experience.

Steamed egg yolk bun: You've got to try this especially if you have never tried salted egg before. They have 2 versions:  steamed or baked. Steamed is the savoury version and baked falls under dessert category. The bun is so fluffy I wanna die!!! (imitation of a new movie, Despicable Me) Hiding underneath the soft bun is warm and gooey salted egg yolk, just like a beautifully prepared chocolate fondant.

Clockwise from top left: Egg tart, chili pepper squid tentacles, steamed rice flour roll with prawn, pan fried turnip patties with chinese sausage in xo sauce.

Siu Mai of prawn and quail egg: I've tried this on a very rare occasion. I don't normally see this dish on the steaming trolley, but it's a well-remembered dish after only one attempt.

Pan-fried turnip patties with chinese sausage in XO sauce: After many visits to Dragon Palace, I've only tried this morsel the other day. Despite being big in portion and look slightly oily, it tasted divine. Yes, look can be deceiving sometimes, the texture of turnip patties here is just right, not too hard or chewy and the chinese sausage added more flavour together with the XO sauce, it makes you keep wanting more. 

Egg tart: How can one end their dim sum session without having egg tart? The egg tart here is as good as others in Perth. Flaky tart case, smooth and fluffy egg mixture. 

Durian Puff

Durian Puff: The highlight of having dim sum at Dragon Palace! Durian is the 'king of fruit' and can be found in South East Asia when they are in season. Some love the taste and smell of it and some loathe it, especially people from the western counterpart. It's just like blue cheese, most Caucasian love it but Asian just couldn't accept it. Durian might be smelly and stinky, but the durian variety that they are using in Dragon Palace are not  of the strong variety, so fear not. The pastry is one of a kind, very light, flaky and crispy, and wrapping thread of REAL durian inside, warm and fragrant. I remember trying this dish the first time, me and my friend almost teared because it was that good and we missed eating REAL durian. So, if you've never tried durian before, maybe this is the good way to start trying it, I'm sure you'll like it! 

Although their posh exterior might makes you think it can be quite expensive. However, their price for dim sum ranging from $3.90 - $5.90, it may be a few cents more expensive than other dim sum places, but their portion is bigger and service is equally good.  

So, I have just shared one of my favourite place for dim sum in Perth, and if you haven't been, you should! They are open for dim sum everyday and their grand exterior makes it hard for you to miss it.

Opening Hours: 
Weekdays 10:30am -3pm; 
Weekend: 10am -3pm 
Dinner: 6pm - til late 

66, Francis St,
(08) 9228 2888
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Thankyou for your post!
I have just got back from Hong Kong and have been looking for Dim Sum places to try out in Perth - Dim Sum Cafe just isn't cutting it anymore!