Saturday, July 17, 2010

Elixir Coffee Specialist

Elixir Coffee opened its door earlier this year in January, has since gain great amount of respect from Perth's coffee buff, they are even rated as 1st in Top 20 Cafes in Perth by members of Perthcoffeescape. Well, I've only just get around to this little chic cafe last week to check it out.

We could literally smell the perfumy coffee once we get out from the car, and we can't wait to order a cup of flat white and cappuccino. Because we were there close to closing time, most of their cakes and pastry had all sold out.

I can see why they are able to call themselves a coffee specialist, our coffee came out looking great, the milk was smooth, velvety and sweet. They were using their own blend for milk coffee when we were there, and the blend they were using reminds me of - MEN (it has nothing to do with men's body odour). It was the taste of the coffee, it was strong in flavour and masculine in character but it wasn't bitter nor sour at all with a smooth finish, thus reminds me of a big piece of steak that most men love.  I don't know if other people feel the same way like I do, perhaps it could just be my own personal opinion as I'm more accustomed to the strong but aromatic with chocolaty and fruity note especially my personal favourite - Amaro Gayo from Ethiopia.

One thing for sure, Elixir's coffee it's quite unusual in a way and you don't get to taste this elsewhere in Perth, they don't call themselves specialist for no apparent reason. On the side note, I just love the baby blue croatian cups.

Elixir Coffee Specialist
145, Stirling Highway,
(08) 9389 9333
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