Friday, July 9, 2010

Ninniku Jip

Whenever we drove past Ninniku Jip on Albany Hwy, me and my friends always laugh at it's name, simply due to the fact that it's sounded like erm... female body part in Cantonese! For all these years, we just laughed at it's name but never actually thought of dining at Ninniku Jip. Well, we finally give it a go today.

We then learnt that Ninniku means Garlic in Japanese and Jip means House in Korean, so Ninniku Jip means Garlic House, that sounds better!

Just like it's name, Ninniku Jip is a restaurant that offers both Japanese and Korean cuisine, but most of their dishes are of Korean influence with little Japanese twist such as Miso soup, Tempura and Udon.

I'm not very familiar with Korean cuisine but I'm a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. When it comes to picking what to eat from the huge menu that Ninniku Jip has, I'm just like a headless chicken taking as much time to read every single description on the menu. Despite going for the more common dishes like Stir fried noodles or Korean Sizzling dishes, my dining companion - D wanted to try a Hot Pot dish with Korean round rice cake but must be enjoyed by minimum 2 people, I thought why not give it a go!

While waiting for our meal to arrive, I noticed that they have a children playground area in a childproof room also toilet for disable. It's good to have a big place like this in Perth that welcome family with kids and also people with disability.

Not long after, we were presented with a portable gas stove and a big pot of goodies. We ordered Dukbboki which describe as round rice cake cooked with beef stock, fish cake, chili paste, vegetables and dumplings. For $22.50 per person, the hot pot also comes with rice and 3 sides dishes.

They are Kim Chi (Korean pickled cabbage), Namul (seasoned bean sprouts) and Fried Anchovies. The rice diffuse with a whiff of lovely aroma which is the sesame oil. If you don't already know, sesame oil is widely used in Korean cuisine.

We have to wait for our hot pot to boil before starts eating, but the aroma from the thick red soup tempt me to dive in straight away. The soup is a little different from the usual Kim Chi flavour or the Korean instant noodles broth. This one here is spicy, but sweet, i suspect the sweetness are from the cabbage, carrots and pumpkin, the broth is made out of beef stock, which gave an in-depth flavour other than just being ridiculously spicy. Unlike Sze-Chuan spicy soup, this one here doesn't numb your tongue or your lip but warm you up intensely. Great dish to enjoy during this freezing time of the year.

It may be just a pot with a plate of rice and 3 small serve of side dishes, but it is definitely more than enough for 2 people. The pot is full of goodies, 4 big flavorsome and juicy pork & chive dumpling, fish cakes, fish balls, fried tofu, heaps of different variety of veges and a whole lot of Korean round rice cake.

This is my first time trying the Korean round rice cake, they are white, tube like shape, about 3 inches long, very chewy in texture like chewing on overcooked calamari in a good way but was bouncy at the same time. It is pretty dense too, I feel tremendously full after eating about 2 or 3 of this round rice cake. We left about 8 of them swimming in the pot, couldn't finish it.

Ninniku Jip have a lot of Korean style spicy dishes, some of which are only for the dare devil to try, I couldn't help but noticed the diner sat next to us fan her lip rapidly while sipping on her spicy seafood noodle soup. So if you think you can take the heat, why not try Ninniku Jip. If you have the Entertainment Card, you get to enjoy 25% off total bill too!

867, Albany Hwy
Victoria Park
08 9355 1988

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