Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sundays Everyday

Sundays Everyday is no stranger to uni students and the local community living in city of Melville. Despite going to the same Oriental groceries shop for all these years, I've never been to Sundays Everyday which is just opposite the oriental shop. Probably because the name sounds silly and it didn't give me the impression to take them seriously.

Relatively small size cafe, selling an array of Donburi (Japanese rice bowl dish), Udon & Soba and Sushi, they were all pre-packed and ready to go. Open only for breakfast & lunch, and during lunch hour, the queue can get quite long but service was fast , you might have to wait for table if you're intending to dine in, on the upside, quick table turn over didn't take too long to wait.

Friend of mine told me that they were popular among the locals due to its generous serving and really cheap price. I had Karaage Chicken Don because my friend kept raving about it and said that this is the best karaage in town. For $8.90, my karaage don looks as huge as a mountain, the rice was filled up to the brim the bowl and I got about 15 big pieces of fried chicken. One can never finish it one go, I had to bring half of it home for dinner that night. However, is that the best karaage in town? I certainly have had better, but the one in Sundays Everyday was not bad either, the chicken pieces were juicy and crispy, I have no complain for paying only $8.90.

My friend had their Chicken Katsu Curry Don and it's only $8.50. Japanese curry is usually mild in flavour, and the one here in Sundays Everyday is the same. Portion was generous, chicken katsu was fried to perfection, the bowl was loaded with rice, curry sauce and some vege.

If you like cheap, tasty and generous portion Japanese food, head down to Sundays Everyday, unfortunately they don't open on Sunday!

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 2:30pm

Sundays Everyday
43, Hulme Court
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