Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taurus Hawker Foods

Taurus Hawker Foods should be one of the few places for Malaysian or Singaporean to get homesick hawker's food fix. They offer a huge variety of hawker foods, it usually takes me a long while to figure what I want to eat. If you're having the same dilemma like me, it's best that you decide as quick as possible because the queue during peak hour can be quite scary.

Prawn Noodle

The prawn noodle that I was having was quite authentic, the only thing that is lacking is the spicy kick from the sambal which usually come together with it in Malaysia. Nontheless, the prawn were bursty, the pork slices were soft, and most importantly the prawn broth was full of prawn flavour. 

Assam Laksa 

Assam Laksa though was a disappointment, it was too red to begin with thus it was way too spicy for a person to enjoy it. The canned pineapple didn't add authenticity into it, as it was too sweet probably from soaking in the can liquid. Assam Laksa is supposed to be salty, sour, spicy, subtle sweetness and aromatic. If you can't get all these element right, it ain't a good assam laksa. For Taurus, it lacks of saltiness from shrimp paste, lacks of sourness from tamarind and lacks of fresh herbs which enliven the whole dish.

ABC or Ice Kacang (Shaved ice with syrup) 

I reckon kids will love the shaved ice, it was loaded with condensed milk, colourful syrup and make sure you dig it right through to the bottom, there'll be hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

If you live nearby and have never try Taurus, so should you, with the huge variety on the menu, I'm sure you'll be able to find one that you would like to try. Their Hainanese chicken rice, Fried Kuey Teow and Nasi Lemak are popular among the community.

Taurus Hawker
Shop 10, 113 Collins Road,
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 9pm
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