Saturday, July 10, 2010

Winter Warmer

Comfort food, what's your comfort food especially during the winter? Some may go for a Nonna's Bolognese, some opt for a hearty casserole with mash, the Indians have curries as their comfort food, some may even munch on hot fat chips. For me, I love eggs and I love egg sauce based noodle. Whenever I feel rather sick or lost of appetite, egg sauce noodle (or famously known as yin yong) will put a big smile on my face.

Perth's weather had been rather cold in the past fortnight, some serious comfort food is much needed. It was my housemate's turn to cook us dinner the other day, and she cooked one of my favourite comfort food - Fried Kuey Teow with Egg Sauce, it was loaded with abundance of egg sauce cooked with chicken, prawns, fish balls, choy sum, carrot and tofu. It was very much comfort indeed. Loved it!

Egg sauce base noodle is pretty fun to play with, if you like a more luxury version, try adding in marron or crayfish, it gives better flavour.

So, what's your winter warmer comfort food?

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