Monday, August 30, 2010

Assam Prawn

Marinating in progress
I came across this recipe while reading other food blog, a dish that I've forgotten and enjoy eating it a lot - Assam Prawn(Assam Heh)/ Tamarind Fried Prawn. Somewhat, a very comforting childhood dish to me and I can't believe I've forgotten about it all these years. After glancing through the recipe, I realised how easy it is to make this dish and it tasted fantabulous.

16no. Large Banana Prawn
4 tbsp Tamarind Pulp
8 tbsp Water
3 tsp Sugar
3/4 tsp Salt
5 tbsp Cooking Oil

1. Extract tamarind juice by adding water to tamarind pulp and start pressing or squeezing with hand.
2. Trim off pointy bit on prawn head with a scissor (you may choose to remove the heads if you prefer) then devein prawn by slitting the back and slowly pull out the urinal track. Rinse prawn then dry with paper towel.
3. Mix salt and sugar into tamarind juice. Then pour juice onto prawns and mix it with hand. Marinate for 20 minutes. (You may remove the pulp before cooking)
4. Heat up wok then add cooking oil. When the wok is ready, put the prawns into the wok and sautee til prawn turn pink and slightly caramelised.
5. Serve immediately with sprigs of coriander as garnish.

Assam Prawn
I personally prefer to serve prawn with its head just because I love sucking the juice from prawn head, is that weird? Some may find it gross, but the flavour of gooey prawn head juice is mind blowing. On this occasion, I left the pulp in for cooking, because eating the caramelised tamarind with steamed rice tasted fantastic.

Chive, Spring Onion & Carrot Omelette 
To go with tonight's dinner, I also cooked up chive, spring onion & carrot omelette and stir fried bak choy with garlic & fish cake. Got a bunch of chive from Subiaco weekend market, I was quite happy when I saw chive was available at the market, haven't seen them a lot during the colder months or maybe I didn't go to the right market. I used to hate chive, spring onion, coriander and leek when I'm younger, but I adore them ever since becoming an adult and started to appreciate them even more.

Have I said it yet? I absolutely love herbs! What about you?

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