Monday, August 9, 2010

Cioccolato Espresso

It's always a bliss driving along Ardross Street in Applecross on a sunny day, especially when jacarandas are in their full bloom, those dreamy purple colour flower lining along the road, make up my day every time. After having discovered JACS and The Good Grocer on the strip, I've decided to discover other cafes serving this beautiful community and Cioccolato Espresso looks promising.

We were there for arvo coffee session, although there wasn't many customer in the cafe, but we often see mums with groceries, mums with teenagers, and rich middle-aged with a puppy popping in for coffee to-go. As soon as we sat down, more and more stay-at-home mums came in for a cup of frappe and catch up with their girl friends about the day. 

We were greeted warmly at the counter when we were having a look at their cakes slices which were sitting in the display fridge. We got ourselves a cup of flat white, cappuccino and an orange chai slice. 

It was a small cafe with small tables and wooden chairs, the decor was warm and contemporary yet was mix with First Emperor of Qin's terracotta army statue. Next to the counter, there were shelves of gourmet produces dedicated to those who like to bring home the amazing products, especially New Norcia's fruit toast.

Service was warm, friendly and prompt, same as the quality of their coffee - top notch. While my cup of flat white was velvety, well textured, and has great depth of flavour, the cup of cappuccino was looking outstandingly remarkable. It was sprinkled with real chocolate shavings instead of chocolate powder, I can't help but starts to wonder how good would a mocha be. Apart from delivering great quality of Bonissimo's coffee, they also have a range of milkshakes, fruit smoothies and frappes. Who says we need Starbucks here in Perth. 

We both shared a slice of orange chai slice to go with our coffee and the staff kindly portioned into half at our convenience. I haven't try alot of chai flavoured dessert, but my right eye twitched involuntary due to its great depth of flavour. Despite good combination of flavour, the icing on top was slightly too sweet to my liking. After eating a few mouthful and sipping on my cup of coffee, the strong coffee taste had tremendously weakened. 

Other than making consistently good coffee, they have a selection of sandwiches and breakfast too. The staff here worth mentioning too as they carry a big warm smile and treating every customer with respect at all time. Even though the icing on top of our slice was too sweet to my liking, but I don't mind sitting at Cioccolato trying their different kind of coffee and watch the day goes by in tranquility surroundings. 

Price of Coffee: $3.90

Coffee Quality: 4 outta 5
Service: 4.5 outta 5 
Ambience: 4 outta 5

Opening Hours:
7:30am - 5pm

Cioccolato Espresso
31, Ardross Street,
(08) 9364 2284
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MIss Tina said...

ooo that looks like an interesting cafe place.. and the coffee are so exceptionally priced (especially for Perth's standards) - thanks, have to totally check it out when I'm down that way agains!

Dim Sum Q said...

Hey Miss Tina,

Cioccolato is a must try when you're in south of the river!!