Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dinner: Spicy Chorizo, Chickpea & Veg Soup

Hearty soup to calm ones heart 

Hearty, healthy, warm and fuzzy. Was trying this turkey & chicken chorizo from woolworths because it's simply cheaper than a normal chorizo. It wasn't that bad after all and it added great smokey paprika flavour into the soup.

A simple chorizo and vege soup can be made quickly and easily. I chose the trickier way by boiling and simmering my own vege stock then blend it into a thick soup (no any sort of wastage here). As I like to eat soup with more texture, I then put in diced vege and legumes for a more filling dinner. Served with a warm crunchy garlic toast, what a contented dinner, it makes me feel good about myself for eating 10 serves of vegetables in 1 go!

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