Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dosukoi, Fremantle

No, this wasn't Japan, although it was with full house of black-headed South-East Asian, myself included. As familiar as it looks, this is indeed in the heart of Fremantle Market, hands down one of the best Ramen in Perth, even Kevin Rudd says so!

I've known this place since uni years, been there for takeway takoyaki (occy balls) and bubble tea, but never their ramen. While I'm on a ramen hunt, we've finally decided to try their ramen and went for grocery shopping as well on a fine sunday.

Without knowing the ultra long wait to dine-in, we had to order the ramen in take-away plastic bowl and find ourselves a table at the yard of Fremantle market. It sucks because we don't have 1 hr just to queue for ramen that day, our ramen wasn't served in the infamous ramen's big bowl and we don't get to enjoy the buzz cramming with other ramen slurper.

Char-siu Ramen 
Authentic crockery aside, our ramen in a plastic bowl did look as good. I had the Char-siu Ramen as this was recommended by the owner, and god it tasted great! My bowl of ramen was covered with slices of marinated pork (Char-siu), chiffonade of wood-ear fungus, Japanese fish cake, seaweed and spring onion as garnish. The shoyu (soy-sauce) broth was thick in flavour, not as oily or as salty as the one in Arigataya . On the other hand, the curly ramen noodle was springy and with great texture, it was well coated with the flavour of the broth. Char-siu was marinated to perfection with hint of sake and mirin, these tender pieces of pork belly were fatty and juicy, exactly how you would want them to be. I added a few shakes of chili for some heat, I was shedding in tears and sweat while slurping down this wonderful ramen.

Karaage Chicken Ramen 
Karaage Chicken Ramen was also another recommended dish out of the 9 choices available. It was a shoyu broth base top up with big pieces of deep fried juicy chicken, seaweed, shredded wood-ear fungus, Japanese fish cake and spring onion. Because our ramen were served in a plastic take-away bowl with the lid on, the crispy chicken turned soggy after soaking in the broth and when all the moisture were trapped in the bowl for a good 5 minutes. If not, it would be a good Karaage, it was quite peppery and flavoursome. In saying that, when 2 well seasoned elements collide with each other, it became over-flavoursome, definitely not for a light palate person. Maybe next time, we'll order Karaage chicken on its own and ramen with some other ingredient, the Gyoza Ramen is definitely on my next-to-try list.

If you're a ramen lover, you gotta try Dosukoi's and remember to be there earlier. Avoid the bubble tea though, as they were lacking of tea flavour and was way too sweet to my liking.

Their opening hours should be in-sync with the opening hours of Fremantle Market. Which is also one of my grievance that I can only get them on limited days. I often wonder what they do on Monday - Thursday. Perhaps boiling and reducing the broth?

Dosukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea
Stall Number 7, Fremantle Markets, 
South Tce, 
0412 855 663
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Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

Every review I have read for Dosukoi is dripping with praise (and broth). A visit by my impatient belly is imminent, so thank you for the warnings about the bubble tea and the odd opening hours!

I think I'm going to have to go the gyoza ramen :)

Dim Sum Queen said...

tell me about the gyoza ramen after you've tried it, i'd like to try their gyoza on my next visit.

Ken said...

I just reached Perth like few days ago and i get to visit Fremantle today, tried their Ramen, to my surprise, they were okay (still good nevertheless) only and there are still rooms of improvements, i think i can find some better ones in Penang, but i had to agree that their texture of the noodles (Ramen) was impressive but not the broth.