Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flipside Burger Bar, North Freo

Flipping it at North Freo

I don't usually head up to the north-side of Freo as there aren't much to do, so much so that I only know Mojo's bar and Harvest Restaurant is around that area. And that day I've finally decided to "Flipside"!

Staff getting slammed
Flipside at North Freo has a team of young and energetic staff pumping out burger after burgers, all I heard was the sizzling from the grill, phone ringing asking for takeway and a constant gentle shout for pick ups. Decor was minimal, simple and effortless, with just a long community table serving dine-in patrons and 2 tables outside who fancy the chill. The rest of the space filled up with chairs/stools reserved for takeaway customers because the wait can be up to 20mins.

Ciabatta roll as burger buns 
With not much choices from the menu, I've got ourselves a Chilli-Ander Chicken burger ($12), a BBQ Bacon & Cheese burger ($12) and a serve of Thick Cut Chips ($4.50) to bring home. After about 30 minutes wait and a few awkward stares at other patrons, I was delightfully munching on the HOT chips while driving. I know eating while driving is as dangerous as using the mobile phone while driving, but I couldn't resist the thick crunchy hot chips with powdery yet waxy center, they were one not to be missed.

Chilli-Ander Chicken Burger
Both burger were great, the beef patty and the chicken breast were juicy, tender and with the right amount of char-grilled flavour. Chilli-Ander burger comes with chicken breast, red pepper relish, rocket, mayo and fresh coriander. Kudos for using fresh ingredients, although it's not as spicy as I would like, but the red pepper relish has a good balance of smoky, heat and sweetness. Same as the BBQ Bacon & Cheese burger, it was of using great quality produce and the BBQ onion relish added great flavour to the burger, tasty nonetheless.

Overall, it was a good burger and the chips were great, service was ok and they are happy to take over your burger next door - Mrs Brown, where one could enjoy the burger with better ambient and perhaps over a few glasses of G&T.

With the rise of more local gourmet burger bar, we can only be grateful for it and hopefully one day these gourmet burger bar are able to replace those dodgy burger/fast food joint.

Opening Hours:
Monday & Public Holidays - closed
Tuesday & Wednesday - 5:30pm - 9pm
Thursday & Friday - 12pm - 2:30pm; 5:30pm - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Flipside Burger Bar
239 Queen Victoria St,
North Fremantle
(08) 9433 2188
294 Cambridge St,
(08) 9287 2288

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