Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures Brewery have been a favourite of mine ever since my first visit 5 years ago. That was also my first time trying pale ale and I'm hooked ever since. I have been to Little Creatures on several occasions: casual meet-up with friends, birthdays, overseas visitor, or just to chill out, be it summer or winter either day or night. I see them expand and grow within these 5 years, bigger and better just as my maturity.

No doubt, it's one of many's favourite hang out place in Freo everyday of the year. With its expanded size, there are plenty of tables and seats of different sizes, cater to different groups of people in the dining hall and at the back alfresco style. 

On a hot summer day

On a cold winter night

And you couldn't get any fresher beer than coming to Little Creatures Brewery, it's literally coming straight out from the tank. Of course the beer list is only limited to their own brand, they also carry few WA wine if you're not a beer drinker. 

One thing though, they are always busy especially during the weekend and after 5pm on weekdays. At times it can be difficult to get a table without an hour wait. Despite the crowd, it was never the rowdy bunch, only a group of friends enjoying each other's company with a few pint of fresh beer.

Some may be able to drink without having a single bite, but not for me, I always need something to munch on whenever I'm drinking. And Little Creatures have a wonderful selection of small bite to go with their beers, from woodfired pizza to some amazing beer accompaniments.

Left - Marinated Octopus, Right - Marinated Kangaroo Skewer & Tomato Chutney

On different occasion, I've tried some of their food and they were great to be consumed alone or with beer. Their gourmet woodfired pizza were amazing especially their prawn pizza and the lamb pizza. With an open concept kitchen, you get to see the pizza chef in action all the time, I guess he likes that kind of limelight ALOT. 

Grilled Chorizo & Frites

Their mussels cooked with pernod and garlic was one of the best mussels dish I've ever had, too bad they replaced it with mussels cooked in tomato sauce. Their oysters with shallot vinaigrette at $3.50 each was as fresh as you can get. Grilled chorizo and homemade frites with skin on, is exactly the kind of beer accompaniments everyone loves. However, the frites we had that night were a tad soft, we wished it can be in  the fryer for longer to crisp them up. 

Nachos, Zucchini, Capsicum, Guacamole, Jalapenoes  

Despite all the carbs and meat we had, the corn cobs with salted butter was a great addition of vege/fibre to our meal. They also have a more substantial dishes if you're after a big meal.

They may be a little busy at times, but their staff always carry a big smile with good vibe yet delivering an intimate service to you and your friends. Little Creatures Brewery is the kind of place you want to go on any time of the day, for drinks or food or just to grab a six pack. If you haven't been, shame on you then! 

I heard Creature Loft is a great place to go too, would like to try that one day! 

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 10am -12am
Sat & Sun 9am -12am

42, Mews Rd,
(08) 9430 5155
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