Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nekisse at Spring Espresso

Spring Espresso
Been hearing a lot about Nekisse coffee from twitter. It is a reserve micro selection Ethiopian coffee, and it is part of Five Senses reserve range of the year. Many have said "if you love coffee, you should really try Nekisse." Now a normal 250g of coffee bean would only cost you around $10, not for Nekisse though, a bag of it could cost you $28.

That being said, on a fine Wednesday night, Spring Espresso twitted "Tomorrow filter coffees: Tanzanian Blackburn Estate, Ethiopian Nekisse, and Brazil Monte Verde CoE Lot 21. Come get some!" and there I was sipping on Nekisse on Thursday.

Spring Espresso is located at the Crossway Shopping Centre, Subiaco, just off Bagot Rd. With only a few comfy coach seating available in the cafe, Spring Espresso has a stream of local and regulars went in for coffee.

Nekisse Micro Selection 2010
Upon entering, there were a standing blackboard written with 'todays single origin'. If you like specialty coffee, Spring Espresso is the place to be, with a few single origin coffee bean on offer, there were also various brewing method for you to choose. As suggested by the staff, I went with a Clever Coffee Dripper to brew the most anticipated Nekisse.

Good things doesn't come to you easily or in this case I waited maybe about 10 mins for my cup of coffee, the long wait make me felt more excited. I normally prefer drinking coffee with milk, however due to Nekisse's unique character, drinking it black at its best. It was a special brew, with a very floral acidity that brings a berry and citrus note to it. The after taste was clean and fragrant, just like that kind of after taste you would get for drinking tea. In this case, I felt like I was drinking coffee in a citrus & berry farm.

My friend had a cup of cappuccino because we wanted to try their ordinary milk-based coffee blend. They were using their special house blend and the coffee was quite different from what you can usually get in Perth. It wasn't your usual strong coffee taste with a kick of bitterness, the coffee flavour was smooth, floral, sweet and kind of full bodied. The milk was heated to the right temperature, it was velvety and sweet. One thing I should mention, the latte art that we got looks kinda 3-D too (can't really see it from the picture above).

Spring Espresso is operate by happy and passionate staff. If you're a coffee buff, you should really get on to Spring Espresso and experience something new every now and then.

Spotted a huge-ass dog, not sure what breed is that

Coffee Quality: 4.5 outta 5 (based on milk-base coffee and barista skill)
Service: 4.5 outta 5
Ambience: 4.5 outta 5

Opening Hours 
6:30am - 4pm

Spring Espresso 
Shop 24, Crossway Shopping Center,
Bagot Rd,
(08) 6380 2261
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