Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yummy House Chinese Restaurant - Dim Sum

Recently discovered a new Dim Sum place on Albany Hwy, Vic Park. They open everyday for Dim Sum from 10:30am - 5:30pm, that make them slightly different from anyone else.

They have Bubble Tea too! 
Apart from serving Dim Sum, they also have a range of lunch dishes, noodles and rice. By adding more stuff on their menu, they also serve bubble tea.

 Yummy House Chinese Restaurant did put some effort in renovation and decoration. Warm light tone and dark brown colour tables + chairs, but nothing too fancy or plain. Although they said they are open for Dim Sum til 5:30pm, but when we were there, the restaurant have no sight of patrons and staff. However, staff appeared from no where to attend to us immediately. It was a sheer awkward moment as we are not used to staff providing butler service, especially in a Chinese restaurant.

Straight from the steamed trolley, except for egg tart.
Once we sat down, one of the staff served us hot tea and chilli oil, another staff brought out a tray of unappealing left-over fried dishes, as they have been sitting in the heat box for quite some time waiting for customer to arrive. On the steaming trolley, the food looked like they have been kept warm for the entire day.

Battered salt + pepper squid tentacles
Our Dim Sum experience here in Yummy House Chinese Restaurant wasn't as good as I like to be. Dim Sum should always be served fresh, and Yummy House failed to deliver that. Eating soggy thick battered fried squid at a restaurant should be illegal, however the chilli garlic flavour was quite nice.

The array of steamed Dim Sum that we had were passable, chicken feet was exceptional though as it was cooked to the right texture. We normally order quite a fair few dishes, but we planned to go easy that day just because the food wasn't as fresh as it should be and some other dishes on the menu were unavailable too!

Steamed Custard Bun
The one thing fresh that we had was steamed custard bun, however we waited close to 25 mins for it. As you can see from the picture above, it was overcooked and the custard beneath the bun was on the verge to be drying out.

Where is the caviar on my Siu Mai 
Despite being let down by the food quality, we felt that we were slightly cheated by the menu as well. On the menu, it stated that steamed pork dumpling comes with caviar/fish roe. On our Siu Mai, the caviar was replaced with goji berry! If it wasn't for this error, the Siu Mai tasted quite alright.

Where is my flaky pastry??
Another similar incident happened while we were there, the egg tart that we had wasn't the same as it was shown on the menu. Although it stated "Baked Egg Tarts" in English, but it meant "Flaky Egg Tarts" in Chinese, and the picture on the side showed flaky tart base too. I might sound a bit nit picking here, but I do prefer flaky egg tart base than a sweet pastry alike base for egg tart.

The main issue that we encountered here was the freshness of the food, if the restaurant is going to be empty after the lunch hour, it would be better if they cook their dishes on order instead of keeping them warm in a heat box or the steaming trolley.

Food Quality: 2 outta 5
Ambience: 2.5 outta 5
Service: 3 outta 5
Will I be back?: I'll just go back to my usual Dim Sum place

Opening Hours: 
Open everyday 10:30am -5:30pm (Yum Cha)

Yummy House Chinese Restaurant 
405, Albany Highway,
Victoria Park
(08) 9470 2511
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Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

Sounds like it deserves a big meh. Just glad you didn't get sick after eating food that had been kept warm for so long!

I would have been so sad about the missing caviar :(

Dim Sum Q said...

I was glad that I didn't get tummy ache ey, at least the food didn't taste off or anything.

And yes I was disappointed about the missing caviar, love it when it just pop in your mouth!