Thursday, September 23, 2010

End of Truffle

It's way out of the truffle season now, but I managed to freeze it, flew it out of the country, infused it, then only cooked every last bit of it the other day. Not one single bit wasted eh!

Dish no.1

Omelette with brown beech mushroom, creme fraiche, rocket and truffle
This was done 2 days after infusing the eggs with my little piece of black gold/shit. I shaved a tiny amount of truffle on the omelette, because we wanted to try if we could taste the truffle from the infused egg. The aroma and flavour was quite light, extra shaving of truffle didn't really help neither do the rocket leafs. Once again, my parents can't really engage into the whole truffle frenzy. In order to taste the subtle truffle flavour, one need a squeaky clean palate.  

Dish no. 2
Risotto in the making

It was such a great effort to look for Arborio Rice in Kuala Lumpur, I went to a few "supposedly" gourmet supermarket and traveled to numerous suburbs to look for arborio rice, but all I could see were risotto pre-mixes of all kind. After much scouting within the time frame of a week, I found an old packet of Arborio rice which were selling at a ridiculous price (imported from Italy though!), I have no choice but to succumb to this old packet of rice, just hope that our stomach will be strong enough.

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle

Rather not to be disappointed with the stock in Malaysia, I've made my own mushroom stock to cook this dish. Portobello and white beech mushroom were added into risotto, was later enhanced with Simon Johnson's truffle oil. The generous shavings of truffle on risotto, finally got the nods from my parents. Dad asked for an extra serving and mom admired the flavour that stayed on her palate whole night. Succeeded.

Dish no. 3
Blanched asparagus with "poached" egg

And to go with our main that night, I've also made some vege as a side dish. I've infused 5 eggs in total and have only used 2 for the omelette. So, the remaining 3 eggs gonna be poached and served with blanched asparagus. Unfortunately, I over poached the egg (yea, how could I?), if not it would be a better side dish for our dinner that night. (I'd blame it on the old stove and the lack of kitchen flow at my KL home)

Dish no. 4
Arancini Balls and mustard

What is the best way to used up leftovers risotto other than making them into balls? The day after our truffle extravaganza dinner, I've made arancini balls using the leftovers risotto, added with more cheese and coated with almond and oatmeal crumb. Can you believe we don't have any fresh/old bread in our house? Hence, I can't coat it with breadcrumbs, but coating it with my spontaneous almond and oatmeal crumb did come to us as a surprise. Mom and dad have never had arancini in their life, and they fell for it immediately after popping the first ball into their mouth, they even brought to their office and share it with colleagues.

A 15g of black truffle can be used in so many ways, not bad for a $30 piece of black gold/shit! But, I've got to be proud to say, I have successfully let my parents experience the fragrance of truffle.


RAv said...

Hey, Where in the world did you find the Arborio Rice in KL?

I've been looking for the rice hi & lo, with no luck.



Dim Sum Q said...

Hi Rav,

I got it from Jaya Grocer near Tropicana. I understand how you feel for searching hi and lo for Arborio rice in KL, it's ridiculous! Also, if I'm not mistaken, you can even try Delicious Ingredients under Delicious Group at Jln Tun Razak KL.

Good luck scouting!