Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glorious Food Back Home, Always!

Traveled back home to Malaysia over the weekend, it had been great so far celebrating cousin's 21st (tons of food at the party), stuffing my face with Durian, going to Ramadan Bazaar first time ever in my life for traditional Malay food. In the past 2 days I was pretty much feast upon variety of food non stop to the brim, it was good for the palate but not that good for my waist line!

Ramadan Bazaar
However, in the last 6 hours I had the Fright of My Life - realising that I couldn't find my passport, I might have drop it, lost it or was being stolen. The idea of not being able to travel out of the country in the next 5 -10 yrs was frightening, it is as bad as imprisonment. After searching my room for a good few hours, shedding bucket tons of tears, scalp scratching and what not, my passport appeared somewhere hidden by me, of which I can't seems to recall. I couldn't believe my eye, holding my passport close to my heart as though it is my baby, I had to scream to release the anxiety and stress in me. It was such an emotional ride while unfolding every single piece of clothing in the luggage and cupboard, thank god it wasn't lost, but now I've got a puffy eye to cure after crying vigorously.   

Other than being devastated when I couldn't find my passport, my trip back home was quite good. With all the festival coming up and wedding to attend, means I've got more glorious food to eat. Such is MalaysianLife! :D

Malay Style Grilled Chicken


Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

I thought I lost my passport the other day too, but it only took maybe 5 minutes to find it. Glad yours turned up!!

Dim Sum Q said...

Thanks for your concern, it is definitely one of the scariest moment in life, it happened to me all the time, but i knew it'd gotta be somewhere, but this time the searching lasted for way too long then I started to panic! What a lesson!

Iron Chef Shellie said...

woah look at that chicken!! *drool*