Sunday, September 19, 2010

Porky 21st

Piggy's tail with red ornament for good luck
It was my cousin's 21st on the second day I got home back in Malaysia, and all I could think of was the whole roasted pig at the party!

hmmm...roast pork...
Uncle T ordered a whole roasted pork for his son's birthday, I didn't ask how much it weigh but judging from its size, it could be a young pig, just nice for roasting; not too lean nor too fat. Celebrating 21st in our family is slightly different from the usual Aussie kid's, not so much on music blasting, neither could you see costume party. We call it a party, but more like a family & friends gathering with lots of food of course and booze.

Grandpa doing the honour
Our honourable guest aka grandpa gotta do the deed by chopping and portioning the pork, I must say he did a great job and he does love his meat. I was snapping picture as quick as a ninja to keep up with him, but I whole intention was to get the first bite once it's been cut into delicate size. :) And once I started doing that, other people followed the suit, then onwards all you could hear was oohs and aahhs.

Crispy roast pork, stuffed vege (yong tau foo) and steamed vege dumplings
Apart from the salivating roast pork, there were tons of other great food cooked by my Aunties and some were bought to save time. We bought this famous Teochew steamed vege dumplings and it's a dish that appear on every occasion.
Buffet spread
Picture above was Belachan rice dumpling and Tumeric rice cooked by Aunt Lynn, she loves cooking and often come up with new dishes for us to try. She is also making mooncake at the moment for the coming Mooncake Festival. When it comes to party in Malaysia, the variety of food in the party can be as good as the choices you get from a hotel buffet in Perth. Curry is also one of the dishes can never be missed.

Aunt Lynn's Belachan rice dumpling
Rice dumpling was originally from China, it was stuffed with fatty pork and mushroom. But our ancestor who came into Malaysia from China improvised this dish with local flavour. Hence, belachan, chili and dried shrimp were added into this rice dumpling. 

Too much for me? Not!
That was my portion for that night, and yes I was aware that it was a huge portion, but I couldn't resist the temptation and hey I just flew in from Perth! Don't worry, salad and vege were hidden underneath just to make me feel I had a balance diet. (Please ignore my feet on the picture, I was sitting on the floor for my dinner and my lap was the table.)

After a few G&T, V.S.O.P and what not, it felt like a "real" party, we were making so much noise, I just hope we didn't pissed off the neighbour. It was great to be home to be there for someone's 21st as I have missed so many others 21st while I was overseas all these years.

Were you wondering if we managed to finish the entire pork? We didn't, but they were made into soup, stir fry and more stir fry. Gawd, they were good!


Jo Serwey said...

OH. MY. GOD. That is DELICIOUS!!!! I wanna go back to MALAYSIA!!! gosh.. this is bad.. I'm hungry now by looking at the roasted pig -_-

Dim Sum Q said...

Hey Jo,

What a coincident that you went back to Malaysia almost at the same time as me! Yea the roast pork was good, I even had the leftovers today too!

Jo Serwey said...

ahaah yea! I know! i was thinking, hey! we might bump into each other while we were in KL! hahaha..
p/s i will want that pork.