Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ristretto Coffee, Howard St Coffee

Cappuccino at Ristretto
I am professing my love for a cup of well made coffee. A good source of bean, tick; Bannister Downs' milk, tick; well trained barista, tick; passion and love in the cup, double tick.

Flat White 
 I first came across with Ristretto in some time last year, attending their Friday cupping session at Central Arcade, Perth. I had a cup of coffee that changed my life/my love for coffee, it opens up a whole new world to me. It was my first time trying specialty grade coffee, it has a thick and creamy body that carries a sweet berry flavour with a hint of strawberry - Amaro Gayo from Ethiopia. It was also a day that I said good bye to burnt and bitter coffee.

A quality cup always come from a Synesso 
Emmanuel and his partner ventured to Perth from Melbourne with a mission to bring good quality coffee to the people in Perth. They started with a kiosk at Central Arcade, Perth and now they also have a small coffee shop at Howard Street. They also roast their own coffee, sourcing green beans from all over the world.

What I love about Ristretto is you'll never get a bad cup of coffee and they changes their bean almost every week. My only gripe would be not being able to visit them everyday as I don't work in the city. But I will definitely pay them a visit whenever I'm in the city running errands.

Enough said, Ristretto team serve up some really good coffee!

Ristretto Espresso Specialist
SHG18A 160 Central Arcade,
St Georges Tce,
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Howard St Coffee 
22, Howard St,
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L said...

nice! so they do dine-in coffee too...i had a take-away weeks ago. thought they only do take-away. hehe. friendly service too.

Dim Sum Q said...

Hi L,

They only do take-away at their Central Arcade kiosk, but they have a small sit down area at their Howard St Cafe

L said...

ah...that's right, i went to the central arcade kiosk. cool, shall check out howard st's someday. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Although there's very little bar space, you can dine-in at Ristretto too. I do that most of the time!


Melbourne Function Room said...

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