Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cozee Corner Meals, Como

3 weeks ago, I received a comment from an anonymous reader, who suggested me to try Cozee Corner Meals in Como for authentic 'Pan Mee'.

I wrote a post about making 'Pan Mee' from scratch back in August 2010. 'Pan Mee' or 'flat flour noodle' as its direct translation from Chinese, originated from Malaysia (according to Wikipedia), is a popular noodle soup based dish among Chinese community in Malaysia.

I love eating them because it's comforting and it reminds me of my hometown.

As soon as I received the tip, I dragged my housemate to the unassuming street in Como to try out 'the' best 'Pan Mee' in Perth.

Without much information about the place, I was a bit hesitant about this. But we went to explore anyway.

As soon as we turned into the empty parking lot on Ley Street, we had doubts about the place. We parked right in front of the shop, questioning ourselves whether or not this was the right place, as it looked just like another deli selling Mrs. Macs's pie and sausage rolls. We sat in the car for a good 10 minutes, with question marks written all on our faces. I even double checked the information provided by the reader. Even Apple's iOS map said we were at the right place! We eventually decided to just walk into the shop. If it wasn't the place, we would just grab an iced coffee to go.

Once we stepped out of the car, the lady owner came out and greeted us, asked us if we were here for 'Pan Mee', and we were like 'YEAH!'

This place had a weird fit-out, they sold your usual Aussie takeaway meals like pies, sausage rolls, sandwich, salad, burgers and hot rolls. At the same time, they also sold Malaysian specialty and noodles dishes. We walked in and ordered 2 bowls of 'Pan Mee' amongst all other dishes on offer.

They had a a dining area for customers to dine in. However, we couldn't quite get our head in to understand why they sold the mixture of Malaysian dishes with typical Aussie sandwiches items. It was a confusing sight to see.

But as soon as we got our bowl of steaming hot 'Pan Mee', the doubts were all out of the window.

'Pan Mee' as good as home! 
There are 2 element that make a good 'Pan Mee', the broth and the texture of the noodle. At Cozee Corner Meals, they nailed the above mentioned 2 elements and it was value for money too!

The broth was fresh, clear and sweet with essence of Chinese dried anchovies (ikan bilis). It didn't taste like MSG filled broth, which usually caused dehydration.  

The flat floured noodle, were soft and silky. It was served in the traditional hand-torn form. The noodle was so silky smooth, it practically just slid down my throat without choking! 

In the bowl, there were also a soft-poached egg, fried Chinese dried anchovies (ikan bilis), wood ear fungus, pork mince, pork balls and choy sum.  The extra ingredients added different texture to the dish and it complemented the broth and noodle well. 

Instantly, there were contented smiles on our faces. This bowl of 'Pan Mee' were so satisfying and it made us felt so much at home. The only 2 things that were missing to complete our contentment were the blended chilli with Calamansi lime and some sweet leaf (sayur manis or Sauropus amdrogynus) instead of choy sum.

We were glad we made the move and we would definitely be back to have another bowl of 'Pan Mee' or try some other Malaysian dishes on offer. Most dishes were on sale from $7.50 to $8.50. 

We left the place with silky smooth noodle swimming in our tummies and flavorsome broth. Though $8.50 poorer, we were completely satisfied and until today, the goodness of those noodles still stay fresh on our minds. 

If you miss a good bowl of 'Pan Mee', be sure to check out this place and I am sure you will have that contented smile on your face, too.

Also, a big thank you to the anonymous reader, who suggested this place to me. I reckon it's a place where I should share it with the rest of food lovers out there! 

Food Quality: 4.5 outta 5 Pan Mee
Service: 4 outta 5 Pan Mee
Ambience: 1 outta 5 Pan Mee
Will I be back?: YES!! 

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday 
6am - 3pm 

Cozee Corner Meals
U3/61 Ley Street
08 9450 2669
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Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you that they have laksa pan mee (SPICY!!!) and tom yum pan mee ;)

shamballa style jewelry said...

Great article, it is nice to read your article..

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the meal very very much. But poor customer service by one person. They need to learn to be patient so they don't chase customers away

Anonymous said...

Visited twice last week and the Pan Mee is good as you describe and yet its been 4 years since. The spicy Pan Mee Laksa trully a comfort food for me in this chill good. And with the price only increase $1 since last time you blog surely its a bargain as other places tag is $14. I also share my mate egg sauce ho fun which also taste yumm.
The place have a new owner since August last year which are friendly and deliver a good services. And yes its still have a lunch bar too and prices still value for money. Perhaps a half an hours early or late of lunch time will be the best time to enjoy the food outside the crowded hours.
You should revisit mate.