Friday, June 28, 2013

Typika Artisan Roasters, Claremont

That says it all in their name. Another new artisan coffee roaster in Perth, dedicated to sourcing the world's finest coffee bean and roasting it in small batches. Yay for coffee lovers in Perth! One thing though, I can never get to spell their name 'Typika' properly, it sort of confuses my mind for spelling the word correctly or not correctly. Ahh! Need caffeine to sort it out.

Now, you don't attach the word 'Artisan' to your name when you don't have the passion for it. Sucker like me will travel far and wide for something unique, especially food or coffee that is made with passion. I expect coffee quality from Typika to be exceptionally good.

Service was quick, and we liked the fit-out upon entering the building. It was a mesh-up between Melbourne warehouse with a suburban chill-out vibe (without the hipster but expect more western suburb furry coat wearer housewives).

Loved that herbie wall and the chill out corner.

Just a normal cup of flat white
My anticipation for their coffee rose high, unfortunately in this case, the higher I got, the harder I fell. Where's the latte art??? The milk wasn't heated properly, thus not getting a proper texture to form latte art. That aside, the coffee was too bland and mild to my liking, I didn't feel like I have had coffee that day. It was such a shame that their coffee wasn't the highlight on our visit.

Basket of potato and sweet potato chips
On the upside though, the food grabbed our attention at least.

Juicy pulled pork
Pulled pork in a bun seems like the 'it' thing to be featured on a cafe menu these days. At Typika, these were the winner, pulled pork were juicy and well flavoured, laced with crunchy and refreshing appleslaw. Those little buns looked hard to eat, but to our surprised it was well toasted, crunchy but not hard to bite and soft and fluffy on the inside. It was a delight.

Twice cooked master stock chicken with celeriac
Another good dish was the crispy twice cooked chicken. Presentation looked like pork belly, but it was tender chicken roulade with crispy skin. Loved the combination of roasted grape on top and celeriac-slaw on the bottom.

After this visit to an Artisan coffee roaster, I started to be sceptical. I might just stick to those specialty coffee bar/kiosk for some seriously kick-ass coffee.

Overall service was fast and somewhat too attentive. Coffee wasn't their strength. Food tasted great but it came with the western suburb's price tag. Wouldn't hurry back. We ended up driving to another coffee place to get our caffeine fix for the day.

Food Quality: 4 outta 5 pulled pork
Coffee Quality: 1.5 outta 5 pulled pork
Service: 3.5 outta 5 pulled pork
Ambience: 4 outta 5 pulled pork
Will I be back?: Not really

Open 7 days from 7am - 4pm.

Typika Artisan Roasters
331, Stirling Highway
Claremont WA.
9284 2855
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