Friday, September 19, 2008

Food, Drinks n Sun

I am starting this blog just for the sake of dedicating to all the food and drinks that i have tried and soon to try.

I know there are a lot of food blogs around the cyberspace, but food and drinks surrounding me, i can't help with that. Ever since glorious food and drinks relate to me closely, there isn't 1 sec that i am not thinking about food. Just blame hospitality, that's the epidemic you will get if you work in the hospitality industry. Eat, drink, enjoy the sun and watching Gordon Ramsay TV's programe, almost everyone do and talk the same.

Alright maybe i should stop bs-ing, i'll write a short brief about how myself relate closely to glorious food.

I grew up in a multi-ethnic country which is full of all sort of public holidays, what do we do when we get holidays? We EAT!!! Not so much on drinking though!

Yes, the country that sells a lot of satay. Yes, that nation that rely on roti-canai or nasi lemak as breakfast and YES, i'm part of that nation and part of that race that consume a lot of fresh seafood and love a good Penang char-kuey teow.

We were spoilt with choices, from malay or indian curries to fresh steam fish everyday. No wonder we know how to eat.

I never realise how much i love food until i took the flight down under. That's when i started to explore food, cooking of my favourite food that i missed most. And that is also when i started to explore more about the western cuisine, espcially after i enrolled myself into a cooking course and started to learn more about what the hell is a fillet mignon, souffle, creme brulee, fettucine, carpaccio and etc. Oh and not forgetting to pick up some drinking skill here in down under.

Ever since then, i started working in a restaurant and i am now closely related to good food and drinks (esp coffee and beer) every single day.

And that explain why - food, drinks and sun! that's part of my life, that's my lifestlye, that's what i enjoy, i believe everybody does the same too.