Monday, October 6, 2008

Orange Creme Brulee

Finally, i made it.

A month ago, i came across with a Orange Creme Brulee recipe, and then i thought of suggesting to Chef, so that we can change the flavour of brulee to an orange flavoured creme brulee, Chef tried making the brulee with the recipe i gave him, but it didn't set properly. I was disappointed, because it tasted overwhelmed, just that the creme texture didn't set properly.

Every week, at work, whenever i got time, i will try to experiment, playing around the recipe and see what happen.

Tried it several times, disappointment is all i got from those freaking little brulee, i don't even want to let chef try it.

After a month of experiment and improvisation, i made it! Today!

Can't wait til chef come back from his days off, will let him try and see wat he said. Maybe this time around, he will definately give me this big GREEN LIGHT to put it on the restaurant menu. Awesome, can't wait for that! :D

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