Sunday, October 5, 2008


Food Blog Hopping and food review site hopping, I do that quite often, sometimes i drool my eyes over the super delicious menu and pictures, and then i can't remember which restaurant really impressed me with their menu that will pull me into their restaurant one day. So, just incase i forgot what restaurant i would like to go in the future, i will pen down my wishlist so that i have somewhere to refer to next time.

There you go, my eatery wishlist in WA, for my personal reference: (in no particular orders)
1. The Loose Box (no.89 in the Top 100 Restaurant in Australia)
2. K's Restaurant
3. Cream Restaurant
4. Bouchon Bistro
5. Jackson's
6. Tsunami
7. The Raffles
8. Star Anise (no. 48 in the Top 100 Restaurant in Australia)
9. The Mussel Bar
10. Nine Fine Food
11. Twisted Fork
12. Xanadu Winery Restaurant

The above wishlist restaurant are the ones that is highly rated, overly priced and serve exquisite fine food.

Here are my another wishlist which i think i could try them all out pretty soon. (The more "down-to-earth" restaurant):
1. Yuki Sushi (Willeton)
2. "Da Wan Mein" (Big Bowl Noodles in Northbridge)
3. Outback Jack's & Grill (Freo)
4. Ha-Lu Japanese Restaurant (My Hawthorn)
5. Ruocco's Pizzeria Bar & Restaurant

That's it for my wishlist, hope that i'll be able to do a dining reviews on all of the restaurant listed above, doesn't matter if they are pricey or cheap. Heh ~

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