Saturday, October 17, 2009

37C scorcher, are you ready for summer?

While thousands of sun worshippers and swimmers heading to the beaches or rivers for some sun and water.

For me, i'd rather stay indoor and make some wonderful homemade lemonade. Isn't that what you need on a hot day like this?

I'd made some sugar syrup, just put water and sugar in a pan on the stove, until the sugar completely dissolve into the water.

I plucked 2 ripe lemon from my backyard, zest then juice, add them into the sugar syrup.

Add about 2 cups of COLD soda water, maybe some mint leaf to freshen it up.

Voila - Homemade Lemonade!

It is very nice for summer especially when you have a couple of friends coming over for lunch, add some rum or tequila or any spirits of your kind, you'll get a bloody good cocktail!


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