Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kintamani, Yahava Coffee

A lot of my friend knows that i am a coffee addict, at least i know i am! The moment i know that I'll be travelling back to Malaysia, i know that i must bring some coffee back for my own consumption.

My previous trip back to Malaysia, i was struggling with coffee, Malaysia does have their own kopitiam coffee, but i am not too keen on drinking that, not because it  looks like an Ah Pek's drink, but more because i much prefer espresso coffee.

I have an espresso coffee machine back at my Perth home and also unlimited espresso coffee suply at work too! I am used to drinking 6 shots of espresso day, mix it up with a good textured milk, that's how i like to drink my coffee -  a cup of flat white.

Ever since constant disappointment to get an almost perfect cup of flat white in Malaysia from my last trip, I've decided to bring home a packet of coffee bean and a coffee plunger (the closest i can get). Was trying my luck to get Epic Espresso, but they were close on the weekend, i end up getting Yahava Coffee from my local grocer.

The picture as above, was my first time using a plunger to make coffee, i didn't know how much to put in, i ended up putting 4 tbsp, it came out pretty strong, my dad even complaint that he couldn't sleep that night! Well at least, drinking the coffee put a smile on my face, at least!

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Dim Sum Queen said...

hey did you know how many "know" you used in the first paragraph? i kept on reading the work "know" only...

and btw, "your" coffee machine in perth doesn't belong to you, it's your housemate who was so kind to let you use her machine without charge. otherwise she could've made $3.90 per coffee you know?