Monday, January 11, 2010

Moxie Restaurant & Bar, Plaza Damansara KL

Moxie is tucked away from the hustle bustle of KL city, it is instead situated in Damansara Heights where all the filthy rich Malaysian lives. It is a fairly new restaurant in the area, but since opening in December 2008, it has quickly become one of the neighbourhood restaurant that serves up really good Western food with welcoming service.

I got to know this place through one of my brother's friend, as he was working as a part timer in this restaurant. Nevertheless, when i was thinking hard on where to go for dinner on a Sunday night around Bangsar and Damansara area for my dad's birthday, Moxie came into my mind.

As we enter, we were welcomed by the warm waitress, service was quick and prompt and also friendly, especially one particular waitress - Azreen. She helped us with the menu, and gave us some really good recommendation.

We were quite hungry because we know that we are going to have a full course dinner, we were glad that we went with empty stomach. The menu is pretty interesting, they have some very good selections of appetiser and mains and steaks too, oh and they are quite reknown for steaks. They also claimed that they are one of the few restaurants in Klang Valley with a meat chiller to keep their steak nicely aged, i couldn't agree more than that!

Apart browsing from the menu, they also have some really great specials on offer that is written on the blackboard. Although the font size is tad too small for reading, but when i saw the word "COFFIN BAY OYSTER" i was frantically screaming in joy to M, telling her that we must order the oyster because it is from Coffin Bay and it's the oyster's season!!! And i even ask the waitress to check with the chef when it flew in, massive plus as they have just arrived on that day itself. Freshness +++


1/2 dozen of Coffin Bay oysters come with 4 different condiments - RM40. 4, now that is too big of a variety of condiments for just 6 oysters, we were scratching our head on which one to choose because they birthday boy gets to eat 3.  Condiments starts from left are caviars, Romesco sauce, Red Wine Shallot and Paco&Gallo. The romesco and red wine shallot sauce was our favourite, especially the red wine shallot sauce, it is very appetising. However, the Paco&Gallo wasn't one of our favourite, maybe we are just not used to the Mexican flavour. Anyway, just a squeeze of lemon juice on this plump and juicy oyster would just do the job perfectly fine.

Wild Forest Mushroom soup - This is definately not your ordinary canned cream of mushroom soup you get from most of the restaurant in Malaysia. At RM17 for a bowl of Wild forest mushroom soup, you are guaranteed a good bowl of soup. The Broccoli soup is not bad either, although broccoli is not a strong flavour kind of vege but the chef here added charr grill chicken into the soup, and brings the flavour of the soup to another level, very clever. The birthday boy loves salmon himself, but he never tried Gravlax before, this one here is more on the smokey side, the chef using the freshest ingredient and also good quality produce, makes this a rather pleasant dish, but i would suggest putting a bit of lemon juice or some kind of zing to cut down the saltiness from the smoked salmon, olives and pecorino. 

Steak Diane - RM 65
The steak was cooked to perfection, medium but no blood, but if it were for me i would go for medium-rare. The sauce and the wild mushroom went well with the steak.

Royal Rack of Lamb - RM 59
The lamb was also cooked to perfection, nice and tender melt in your mouth.  The waitress also suggested to us that the lamb dish is actually their highlight.

Butter Fish - RM48

I had the butter fish, the flavour of the sauce is really good, there is equal amount of sweetness, and sourness, unfortunately when i had a few bites on the "butter fish", the texture was a tad on the dry side, i had to ask for a new one as this was a bit unchewable. Later, the waitress came out and told me that they were actually trying this fish out and i am the first customer who ordered it, and she told me that the chef said that butter fish is of this kind of texture and they will change it to cod for me instead. Despite a little hiccup on the fish, they were still very helpful and polite, not like the rest of the service i got in Malaysia.

I wondered though, i thought butter fish is supposed to be of buttery-texture, smooth and creamy.  I came home and googled
"Butterfish is a local term which refers to its buttery texture and high oil content. Butterfish is also high in omega-3"
So, my perception on Butterfish was right, it is supposed to be buttery texture and soft like cod, not stringy dried chewy texture. I would like to think that the chef overcooked it or ... they didn't get the actual ButterFish!

After about 10mins, my replacement fish dish has came out, I'm happy with it, so it's all good!

Crispy Cod Ponzu - RM 48
 However, for us, we do think that the star dish is this crispy cod ponzu. The cod fish was cooked to perfection and was baste with yakitori sauce, the spicy aglio capellini was tossed in garlic-infused olive oil, and accompanied by cilantro ginger chilli sauce to add a bit of fiery flavour. It was really really good. It is actually a special of the day, but due to it's popularity the customer keeps asking for it, and they have to put this dish on the special for .... for as long as they want!

After eating and tasting the mains, we were all so full, but because it is for D's birthday, so we gotta order at least one dessert. We opt for the chocolate lava cake, can't escape chocolate lave, as it is screaming at me!! 

We finish the meal with an awesome chocolate lave cake to share, the total bill came out at RM494 for 4 pax. 5 appetiser, 4 mains, 1 bottle of wine, 1 desserts and complimentary breads rolls too! Not a bad deal for good quality of food in Damansara area.

Overall, it was a good night, we get good food, and good service, once again thanks for Azreen, she is the one that take cares of us and provide good service, the rest of the staff should learn from her.

Moxie Restaurant & Bar
44G, Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara.

Be sure to make reservation at 03-20950016 or

Food Quality: 4 crispy cod
Service: 3.5 crispy cod
Value for Money: 3.5 crispy cod
Will i be back: Yes for special occasion


jazzypierce said...

WOW RM500 for 4 pax! Man I'd never expected to pay such money for dining in Msia. If it's back in Perth...yup coz average food price here is quite high. But it looks like a place with quality food, I would like to bring my family there as well! :D

Rub A said...

Definitely one of the best places for steak in KL, been there a couple of times..even though i'm not a steak lover, i always find myself stealing off the plate of my husband who loves their meats :)