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Bouchon Bistro, Wembley

There are not many old school French food in Perth, not that I know of anyway, or perhaps they are just way too low profile, not alot of publicity given neither online review from bloggers. But friends around me told me that Bouchon Bistro does really good French food.

Me n mate rock up to the restaurant without a reservation after did some late evening retail therapy, hoping that we'll get a table. Luckily for us, they are not that busy on a Thursday night.

There are only 2 waitstaff and 1 chef working that night (took a peek into the kitchen through the little food pass window), was thinking that must be the owner as he is old enough to look well trained.

Interior is simple, hanging lots of French related picture and maps on the wall, and best of all, testimonials from customers who has previously dined there was also published on the wall, most of the testimonial from the previous diner saying how much they appreciate the food and how much they enjoy the food, now that's a good sign!

We were greeted and seated, short moment later house bread is already on the table together with French butter. Loves French butter!

Menu is not extensive, but you do find lots of alien terms on the menu if you are not familiar with French kitchen term, you might have to spend some time asking the waiter. Being French food, you will definately see foie gras, pheasant, snails or trotters on the menu. After choosing which gamey food that we wanted, an Amuse Bouche was served, on the house. Don't ya love free Amuse Bouche? Especially that they are amusing enough to start your dinner on a good note.

Wasn't really being told what this was, but I'm guessing it could be red emperor in broth with saffron, garlic and mirepoix. The broth tasted very fresh and aromatic with subtle saffron flavour, fish was cooked to perfection, this is quite a generous Amuse Bouche, I like it very much!

Pheasant Galantine, Onion Compote, Foie Gras Ice Cream and Brioche.
Sweet ice cream is pretty normal in everywhere around the world but a savoury ice cream like Foie Gras ice cream is something you don't normally get when dining out in Perth, and this one here in Bouchon Bistro is spectacular. You get the buttery, oily and offal taste from the foie gras but it's cold, then seconds later, they start to melt just like how ice cream does, giving you a smooth end without feeling heavy. It's especially tasted even better when you spread a bit of pheasant falantine on the brioche toast, then a bit of foie gras ice cream and top off with some onion compote, the combination of flavour and texture can only be described in one word - sensational!

Burgundy Snails, Pig's Trotter and Shitake Mushroom, Potato Foam and Parsley Veloute.
I was craving for some escargot, so I choose this dish, though I'm not a big fan of pig's trotter. I've never thought of combining snails and pig's trotter together, but this works really well. Both have the chewy texture, same kind of texture you'll get from shitake mushroom, this dish was well complimented with the bright green parsley veloute. The veloute is like one of the best I've taste, I was considering licking the plate, not to waste a single bit of this yummy pasley veloute. Too bad, I'm dining out, if I'm at home, I will definately do that!

Tasmanian Salmon Crepinette, Spinach, Pear and Walnut, Black Creamed Rice and Morel Mushroom.
This dish is not your typical seared salmon with summer salad or mash, we're now talking about French food, it is complex and interesting in terms of flavour and texture. The salmon was rolled up (just like a sausage) and cooked well, it looks overcooked, but in actual fact it is not, it is indeed very tender. The black creamed rice and morel mushroom plays an important role in this dish, while I am eating it, it takes me to a wonderland!

Catch of the Ocean En Papillote, Prawn, Ginger and Lemon Jam, Pumpkin Puree, Verjuice Butter.
If I'm not mistaken the catch of the ocean can be an emperor or snapper, can't remember. I do remember the flavour of this dish and the texture though! Fish was cooked perfectly, this is what you would expect when one cooking fish 'En Papillote' style, the sauce has got kick from the ginger, and the zing from verjuice, but it also has something else of which I couldn't really tell, something tasted like crushed dried prawn, interesting ... Another interesting element gotta be the dark green colour looking wafer crisp, it tasted like seaweed but it has an amazingly surprising texture to it, I was amused!
Macadamia Nougatine Tart, Truffle Infused Ice Cream, Caramel Emulsion.
Now on to dessert, we didn't know what to have and ask for recommendation from the waiter, he did gave us some good recommendation, only problem is we have to fight over whose dessert tasted better!

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Feuilletine, Citrus Sorbet and Ginger Aspic  
I was eyeing on mate's chocolate tart while mate was eyeing on my chocolate feuilletine, the jelly like ginger aspic is something different!

 After we finished our meal feeling damn satisfying, we starts doing what other people did too, drew some awful looking cartoon as testimonial. Have I told you that I don't really like going to restaurant who uses white paper as table cloth? Reason being I always get paper cut, but Bouchon Bistro did put this into good use, I shall go back one day and look for this piece of "art"!

Bouchon Bistro do exceptional food at an affordable price, it is indeed a true chef at work and definately not your ordinary dinner you'll get in Perth.

Food Quality: 4.5 snails
Ambience: 3 snails
Service: 3.5 snails
Will I be back: Love to, have been talking about going back ever since

Bouchon Bistro
363A Cambridge St
Wembley 6014 WA 
08 9387 3898

Opening Hours: Tues - Sat 6:30pm - 9:30pm
BYO Tuesday - Thursday only at $10 corkage per bottle

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Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

It's been a while since I've been here - last time we did the degustation and it was really impressive, my friend and I both really enjoyed it although I left feeling like I was 6 months pregnant.

I love your gamey choices, and your illustration too :)