Friday, June 4, 2010


Rice Terrace

Just got back from holiday in Bali, it is supposed to be an awesome holiday, but it keeps raining whilst our 8 days stay in Bali, would love some warm sunshine and to be able to dress less.


Apart from the unexpected lousy weather, the trip had been great, I've seen so much and tried so many new things. However, my expectation for Balinese food is quite high, I've heard so many great things about Balinese food and having tried a few pretty awesome Balinese food outside Bali, I was very excited to be able to tried them in the land of God - Bali.

Kecak fire dance

Funnily enough, with that much expectation, the Bali food that I've tried during my stay in Bali were pretty disappointing. I'll write up a post just about Bali food one day.

Uluwatu Temple 

Apart from eating my lung out, we also visited a few Balinese temple, spend more time in the car going through really bumpy road that hurt my butt so bad.

Tirta Empul - Holy Spring water temple 

But one thing for sure, Bali island is not small, it also has a lot of mountain and that the Balinese people are mostly friendly and very religious.

Ubud Market - arts and craft center of Bali

If one day I get the chance to own a house, I will travel to Bali just to source for furniture and decorating piece. No doubt that Balinese are pretty good with handicraft and they also have an obsession over naked women and penises.

Oh and never forget the Balinese monkey too, they are fierce!

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