Monday, June 21, 2010

(CNR) James + Lake

Took a stroll to Northbrdige the other day, don't you just love how the city mayor trying to revamp it? Of course, the most exciting project of all gotta be Northbridge Piazza, but exactly how many Perth-ian hang out at Northbridge Piazza just like how Fed Square is to Melbournian.

Northbridge might be a slightly dangerous place to go after dark, but if any Perth-ian likes to hang out the way Melbournian does, well you could at (CNR) James + Lake in a more laid back Perth style.

(CNR) James + Lake is the perfect place to sit back and watch the days go by, perhaps some people watching too! Situated at the corner of James and Lake Street, facing the Piazza. Just right under the huge screen where you can find this hip cafe, churning out good quality coffee, cakes, lunch and breakfast.

It is a quaint little place but full of character, friendly staff that are always happy to help, if I am not mistaken there might be free high-speed wireless too. Over here they offer counter service just like any other coffee shop, you then get to choose wherever you want to sit. If you like to listen to the music in the cafe, try to sit inside, if you're looking for a quiet place to chat, head over to the outside area but try the corner, if you like to be the centre of attention, try the front just next to the lawn, but I gotta warn you, the noise from the huge plasma screen might just be too much!

We were there for coffee and cakes after 4:30pm, it's a plus point for them that they are open til 7pm on weekdays and close at 11pm on a weekend. Hurray for a cup of good quality after 4pm coffee!

They use 5 senses coffee bean here, you get to choose to use the blended bean or the single origin. When we were there, they were using this blend from 5senses call "Dark Horse". I prefer the blend from Hush Espresso than the "Dark Horse", don't get me wrong, I still like the coffee here, the barista churn out consistently good coffee, and the texture of the milk is perfect for me, maybe on my next visit I'll try their single blend instead.

It has become such a habit of mine to have coffee at 4ishpm - 5ishpm everyday, and I must have it with cakes. We ordered a raspberry tart and a ricotta cheese cake, they both look really good from the cake display area. The cake was on the ok side though! The comment i received about the tart was just average, I like the taste of the Ricotta cheese cake, though my friend would prefer a creamy and smoother texture.

It's a nice place to chill out with good coffee, good atmosphere, good service and best of all they are open til 7pm or 11pm on the weekend. Be sure to make full use of their special deal such as coffee + muffin for $6 or coffee + cakes for either $8 or $6 (sorry my memory ain't that good eh!)

(CNR) James + Lake Street
44, Lake Street
(08) 9228 8861

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