Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Curried Potato Fritata

I was woken up by a housemate of mine cooking up a storm in the kitchen over the long weekend, and yes it was brunch time! I couldn't help but to hear the sound of chopping, the sound of non-stop turning on the gas stove "tak...tak...tak...", all I could see is the HUGE bowl of sliced potato, piles of cabbages, carrots, chopped up field mushroom and a pot of vigorously boiling vege soup. In case you haven't notice, I didn't mention any meat here, that's because this housemate of mine is a vegetarian. While my mind is still half way departing from the dream world, for a second I thought we are going to have guest coming over for lunch. Later only I realised we are not having any guest around, the stacks of potatos, mushrooms and bowls of cabbage and carrots are in fact her meal for the entire week. Due to busy schedule at work, she has no choice but to cook her entire week's meal in a day. That aside, I did smell something good here.

CURRY is all I could smell in every corner of the house. My housemate was kind enough to offer me her potato and cabbage curry (remember, earlier on i said i saw a HUGE bowl of sliced potato that could easily worth 4kg), she cooked way too much potato as if she was cooking for a banquet. As I was on a no-rice/pasta-diet, I was cursing myself for having to eat the curry without any rice at all.

After much contemplating and searching of the fridge, and there I was came up with this brilliant idea to mix the potato curry into one of my favourite ingredient - EGGS.

Curried potato fritata with feta and coriander. 

At first I doubt about the combination, then I thought it might just work and without hesitation it does work brilliantly.

I sauteed up some finely sliced shallot, then take it out from the pan and started laying the curried potato nicely courtesy from my housemate, then some sauteed shallot, some feta, last but not least I poured in the already whisk egg with some milk into the pan and top it up with some fresh coriander leaves.

The already sauteed shallot had been nicely caramelised thus contributing some sweetness into the fritata, especially when eating with the aromatic slightly spiced curried potato. The texture was wonderful, you get the slightly crunchy but cooked curried potato, then you have the almost melting feta cheese just go so well together.

There it is, a mix culture fritata, there's element from India, Asian, Mediteraenean, and the basic of all cooking - EGGS.

That's why eggs are my favourite ingredient, they are just so versatile and can be eaten anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Eggs is like my rice, loves.  

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