Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hush Espresso

Was in Fremantle to run some errands the other day, after doing what we were supposed to do, the arvo coffee fix kick in (it was about 4pm), and we're in need of some caffeine so that the day can go on.

I suggested to go to the ever relax and funky Moore & Moore, that's exactly the kind of Freo's vibe you want to be in. The door was wide open and we stood in front of the coffee machine for a good 5 minutes to decide whether we would like some snacks as well. By the time we're ready order, they only just inform us that they are actually closed! Thanks for the heads up guys!

It's ok, I believe we are still able to get caffeine fix while we're in Freo, all the cafes are within walking distance anyway, if worse come to worse, San Churros gonna be our savior.

We were soaking up the Freo Doctor's breeze while walking to a potential cafe that still open, we saw Hush Espresso, I was like a little kid jumping up and down on the street as if the clown is giving away free balloon. Thanks heaven god that they are still open but in the mid of doing closing. They asked if we don't mind them doing cleaning and what not. Of course we don't mind, as long as we get our cup of coffee for the day!

While most of the cafe/coffee joints in Fremantle look a bit old and traditional, Hush Espresso is contemporary and focus of delivering quality coffee. They use 5 senses coffee bean and they also have 3 different single origin coffee bean from Brazil, Columbia and Ethiopia on offer. I didn't request for a particular origin, but my cup of flat white is good enough to put a smile on my face - smooth with a hint of chocolatey note, that's exactly what I'm looking for.

The cup of cappuccino received great comment from my friend too.

The staff or the owner look exactly like he knows coffee, and while we were sipping our cup of coffee away, we couldn't help but spy on the way he makes coffee, and I can confirm with you that he makes it with great passion.

They also do breakfast and lunch, haven't yet got the chance to try them, but maybe one day.

We also ordered a slice of chocolate and walnut slice, apart from looking like they are supposed to, the chocolate slice was way too hard, we couldn't even cut it or break it. Despite the hard texture, the taste was pretty nice, especially having it with a cup of coffee.

Friendly service, makes coffee with passion, great environment to chill out with your friend or just a copy of newspaper. I'll definitely be back for more coffee or breakfast when I'm in Freo, they are like a new found gem and we can now get great coffee in our good old port city. Oh and so I heard they do mean hot chocolate too!

They are located just next to Subway on market street, Fremantle.

Hush Espresso 
32, Market Street,

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