Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Food & Wine Show Perth 2010

Last weekend was the 3rd Good Food & Wine Show in Perth (if I'm not mistaken), one of the most looking forward event of the year for food lovers. I went to last year's show without a game plan or so to speak a proper planning, thus I wasn't that well prepared for last year's show and totally missed out on a lot of stuff on offer ie. didn't bring enough cash, didn't expect so much wine and beer to sample, didn't know there were so much to see.

With much anticipation and expectation, I'm more prepared to go to the show this year, GFWS is like the Royal Show to me, very excited.

Before departing for the show, I double checked if I've got all my gear ready. Cash checked, mini wine glass checked, green bag checked, camera checked, tickets checked. Off we go to the train station and head straight to Perth Convention Centre.

This year's show is bigger and better and definitely have more crowd than last year, thanks to the constant reminder from fellow food blogger.

We managed to see 2 celebrity chef show and they are Manu Fiedel and Gary & George, 3 of them were pretty entertaining and fun to watch. Although, I would like to see chef Matt Moran in action, I missed that out last year and this year as well.

However, because we sat through 2 celebrity chef session, we didn't get enough time to sample every exhibit stall, but we've manage to sample most of the food stall. A few new exhibitor added this year, especially Mini Melt Ice Cream, Bravo Gelato and Kikkoman worth mentioning. Didn't take alot of picture though as it was crowded everywhere and my hands were full at all time, spent too much time trying out all these delicious sample.

One of the most looking forward exhibitor gotta be The Truffle & Wine Co., you got to try REAL truffle and other truffle infused product.

This big poo like truffle worth about AUD$1k, of course it doesn't smell like poo, if you're standing near the truffle, you'll get the smell from 3 ft away, the strong scent of earthiness come across quite strong but very unique. I spent some time at the truffle stall trying the wine and all the truffle infused product. It was jam packed with people, everyone trying to get their hands on the truffle product. And they were also selling fresh truffle at a very low price, from as low as $20 and I've got myself a tiny little piece weigh 15g.

A very generous tasting portion of fresh truffle on cracker dipped in truffle & balsamic oil

Apart from The Truffle & Wine Co., some other stand attracts a lot of crowd especially Finlandia Vodka/ Appleton Estate Rum, Great Souther Distilling Co., Matsos Broome Brewery, Belgian Chocolate Mousse, Mini Melts Ice Cream, Luv A Duck and various wine stand.

It was a fun day out eating our lungs out and drinking our way out, in particularly the Bailey's with coffee was quite nice especially after sampling all the salty crackers and spiced chutney. Matsos' ginger beer and mango beer was very refreshing and unique, it's easy to go with the cheese puff that I have in my hand. The vegetarian burger patties from Nicholson Fine Food is something different in a good way, if only I'm a vegetarian that would be my new found favourite.

We kept switching between food and alcohol tasting, just so that we wouldn't be too full or too drunk! Towards the end of the show, when everyone is kinda tipsy or drunk and still queuing up at the wine stall hoping to get the last drop of wine, a few passersby were curious about the yabbie chowder that we're having (picture shown above, sorry it doesn't look that appealing), i guess they were at a point where they need some food to sober up.

I find it quite amusing that all these celebrity chef were treated like a "real celebrity", young girls or stay at home mom were all crazy about them especially the infamous duo - Gary & George. We saw this little girl standing at the side with her parents admiring George, her parents tried their best to catch George's attention and tell him that she is a BIG fan of George and then she ran over to George and hug him, aww! George was so nice to her, he even spontaneously gave her a signed cookbook.

  Lucky girl! 

After all the sipping and munching, we headed home with a hand full of goodies and belly full of booze and food samples.

This is what we've got from GFWS. A box of truffle goodies (truffle salt, truffle honey and truffle mustard) from The Truffle & Wine Co. for $20, 2 awesome bottle of Moscato from Innocent bystander, Duck shanks for only $5, Kangaroo & Riberry sausage from Goanna Gourmet, 15g fresh truffle for $30, Duck Fat for $5, and Tomato Kasundi from Goan Cuisine. I can sense some duck confit and potato chips cook in duck fat seasoned with truffle salt are on the menu soon.

Although this year's show is better than last year, but the show in Sydney sounds much more exciting of which they have a coffee pavilion, a chocolate masterclass and cocktail flair challenge. I only wish they can feature these on next year's show, and not forgetting the people in the west wants some of these too.


Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

How good were those vegie patties!! Will definitely be buying some of those for a super easy meal. Pretty versatile too, I think.

Wish I had tried the yabby chowder.

Dim Sum Queen said...

yea those vegie patties were good! Now we need to find out where we to get them after the show.

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

Just managed to get my hands on some Bio Burger! If you're interested then just ring the WA distributor on 92931845. It is available from Kakulas Sisters in Freo and the big IGA on Stirling Hwy in Nedlands (not the Cap S one), but he'll be able to tell you other places that may be closer to you :)

Dim Sum Queen said...

Oh thanks for the info Conor, you're great! :)